Operation "No Tacos" - ¡Si Se Pudo!

photos by Marco Torres
Hello, gorgeous!
They said it couldn't be done. But "they" were wrong. I made it. And now, ten pounds lighter, I'm back and hungry as ever.

Thinking back, the premise was so simple. Can a Houstonian go 30 days without Mexican food? The simple answer is "yes, of course!" But the reality was anything but simple, especially for me. You know that thing when your subconscious picks up on an object or idea, then all of a sudden you see that object or idea in everything, everywhere? For the month of November, tacos ruled everything around me. It was my forbidden fruit in this urban Garden of Eden called Houston.

My #30DaysNoTacos challenge was never intended to be an exercise in discovering new restaurants or cuisines. Nor was it intended to prove the unhealthiness of Mexican food. It was simply an interesting gastronomical experiment. The reactions that I received from my friends, family, and strangers ranged from support ("you can do it, Marco! Just a few more days!") to outrage ("how dare you turn your back on the most holy and noble taco!"). All of the comments and support made this craziness worth the suffering.

Cleansing the palate before the feast
And now it's over. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit sad about it. Would I do it again? Probably not. But it was fun while it lasted. I ended my fast last night at the Original Ninfa's (2704 Navigation) with a big plate of fajitas and a pitcher of Ninfaritas. I halfway expected some kind of nirvana moment as soon as the first piece of tender outside skirt steak made contact with my tastebuds. It may not have been quite that dramatic, but I can now fall in love with Mexican food all over again.

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2704 Navigation Blvd., Houston, TX

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You don't soak the beans overnight?  Or boil n soak for one hour?


Tacos aren't typically gut-busters.  What were you eating in the meantime to have you lose 10lbs in a month?


You should've raised money and done it for charity. That would've been the noble thing to do. 

Bruce R
Bruce R

Not just tacos, but Mexican food in general.  Look at the photo of the fajitas and bacon-wrapped shrimp on the greasy comal.  We can assume that meal came with flour tortillas, rice, and beans.  Probably started the meal with a shitload of chips and salsa.  Definitely gut-busting.

That's one of the reason I prize Texican food.  You know you'll be full when you leave.

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