DIY Holiday Gift: Infused Liquor

Photo by Dana Moos
Really getting in the holiday spirit.
Anyone can buy a bottle of Ketel One, throw a bow on it and call it a (holi)day. So this season, I'm kicking it up a notch with a fun and easy DIY holiday gift; some goodie-infused spirits.

Here's how to do it:

You'll need

  • 1 liter desired liquor (vodka, rum, tequila, etc.)
  • Flavorings (fruit, vanilla beans, jalapeno, etc.)
  • Funnel & Glass bottles with tight seals
  • Labels & Markers to decorate

    World's Easiest Directions

    Divide desired liquor among bottles. Fill with desired flavorings. Seal tightly, refrigerate and let infuse for three days to three weeks. Strain, pour back into clean jars, label and gift! (Or for more developed flavor, gift w/ the ingredients inside and instruct the recipient to strain - you can even provide them with cheesecloth for the process).

    Tips on Infusion

  • Infusion times will differ based on your flavorings, with stronger flavored citrus fruits and herbs/spices taking less time (3-4 days) and fibrous fruits like strawberries, mangoes, raspberries and cherries and softer flavors like ginger, and lemon-grass taking longer (1-3 weeks).
  • For berries, wash and leave whole, piercing the skin on harder berries. Strawberries can be sliced.
  • Pineapples, mangoes, and other similar fruits, should be washed and cut into chunks.
  • Wash and slice citrus fruits or use zest or peels.
  • Cut vanilla beans and peppers in half.
  • Herbs can be washed and used whole (with stems).
  • Garlic cloves can be used whole, with skins removed.

    Inspired Spirit Ideas

  • Basil Infused Vodka for the Bloody Mary lover - Gift w/ your favorite Bloody Mary Mix & Hot Sauce.
  • Jalapeno & Pineapple Infused Tequila for a Margarita fan.
  • Strawberry & Mint Infused Rum for amazing Mojitos.
  • Cucumber Infused Gin for a fresh, clean Gimlet.
  • Bacon Infused Bourbon for a killer Manhattan - Infused with bacon grease and make sure to double strain with a cheesecloth to get out all of the grease.
  • Other great mixes: Vodka w/ Lavender and Lemon, Ginger, Lemon, or Chai; Chile Infused Tequila; Vanilla Bourbon

    Just remember to have fun with it - experiment.

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    Kilfee Andrei
    Kilfee Andrei

    Sounds easy and I bet its cheap! Thanks for sharing :D

    Jay Francis
    Jay Francis

    There's a brand of vodka that I've been very pleased with for this purpose. Not too expensive and while not organic, it is a eco-friendly product (recycled glass, eco-friendly production). 360 Vodka by McCormick, 4 times distilled and 5 times filtered.


    For those that can handle heat...

    1 bottle Titos1 Hab pepper cut in half1 Serrano pepper whole1 clove Garlic

    Killer for bloodies and as each year ticks on and one this puppy gets hotter and hotter...enjoy..

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