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In return, we offer them a virtual White Russian.

Today Joanna O'Leary shared five reasons she would refuse to pay her bill at a restaurant.

Commenter The Marlboro Woman thought she'd left an important item off the list:

The number one excuse should be Mal-Functioning Air Conditioning. This has become a chronic situation in Houston as many establishments (The Fountainview Cafe) either fail to maintain aging units or deliberately jack up the thermostat to keep operating costs down. If I have to sweat while I eat, I'm leaving.

Of course, at the moment, it's frigging cold, and commenter rgwalt wrote in about experiencing the opposite situation last night:

I was at El Ray on Washington last night. Their heater was broken and it had to be 45F inside. I could see my breath. All their customers were bundled up, shivering while eating their tortilla soup. It was like a meat locker in there... I could have climbed into the rotisserie with the chickens. It took them 15 minutes to get my to-go order ready, too. Unfortunately I had paid for my food when I ordered, otherwise I would have left.

All right, the people have spoken: not too hot, not to cold. Please.

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We went to Bootsie's for Christmas Eve last year. It was freezing. My mom had cancer and was absolutely shivering. We came to get the tasting menu, but they would not allow it unless the whole table wanted the same thing. Unfortunately, we had two picky eaters at the table, who wanted burgers. We were cold. We couldn't get what we wanted. I did not even order anything as a result. My mom was sad she could not get the tasting menu either. It was our very last Christmas celebration with her and it sucked. Okay. Just needed to vent that. We still paid for our meal and tipped 15 percent, because that is what you do. I have never not paid for a meal no matter how unhappy. I just do not go back again. I wish they had been kinder to my mom. It was Christmas and she wanted the tasting menu. Her very last Christmas. A very special occasion to say the least.


Tower theater relics, I'm sure..

Bruce R
Bruce R

Not only did you have two picky eaters, you also had two inconsiderate, selfish boors.  I'll assume they were under the age of ten.


One was a child. Yes. But on Christmas I think everyone should get whatever they want. It was our solitary Christmas celebration.

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