5 Ridiculously Cute Kitchen Gifts

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If you know a home cook whose kitchen looks like Pee Wee's Playhouse or someone who might actually wear a pink, polka-dotted apron, these ridiculously adorable gifts for the kitchen are just the thing.

5. Scrubber Duckie

When only having a rubber duckie in the bathtub is not enough, your special someone can keep one close in the kitchen, too. The squeezable shape looks rather ergonomic. Plus, recipient of your gift can sing his new friend's name to the tune of Ernie's famous little ditty. Check out this video if you don't remember it.

Nothing says "winning" like a bunch of cute little cherries on your stand mixer
4. A Custom-Painted KitchenAid Stand Mixer

These aren't cheap to start with, so a custom-painted one shows that you REALLY care about your weird friend. Trying to give a personality to a drill press-like mixer is kind of adorable. Get one with flames painted on it for the rabid Alton Brown fan in your life. In return, she might keep you supplied with good eats through New Year's Day.

These are too cute to put in a cupboard
3. Mrs. Potts and Chip from Beauty and the Beast

Okay, so these are decorative and not functional, but how can anyone NOT want Mrs. Potts and Chip to brighten up the kitchen? Even a Beast would want these. Of course, you want them too, so be our guest and buy a set for yourself.

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I swear to Oprah I thought that said silicone panty brush. Just saying.

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