Taste of the South Devotes Nine-Page Spread to Houston

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"This city is a Texas-size melting pot for flavors and cuisine from around the world, all served with a side of Southern hospitality," writes Taste of the South of Houston.

The bi-monthly cooking magazine devoted a colorful nine-page spread to our city in its December-January issue, and those are their words about Houston.

The rest of the words, however, are mine. Taste of the South, based in Birmingham, Alabama, contacted me in August about writing a feature on our city's up-and-coming dining scene. I gladly obliged, and the magazine -- which is distributed, as you might have guessed, throughout the South -- is on newsstands now.

The spread on Houston covers the gamut of influences, cultures and cuisines that all converge in our city, starting with -- what else? -- barbecue and Mexican food. Also represented are both fine dining and ultra-laid-back establishments, both Indian and Vietnamese restaurants, both indoor and outdoor grocery stores and both traditional and modern Tex-Mex.

The spread itself isn't online, but you can take a sneak peek at it on Taste of the South's website or in our photos below, while noting the identical poses between chefs Hugo Ortega and Philippe Schmidt.

Taste of the South 004.jpg

Taste of the South 006.jpg

Spotlighted in the issue are Hugo's, Philippe, Moon Tower Inn (which is currently closed; again, good timing on that one, guys), The Brisket House, Pondicheri, Cafe TH, Revival Market, Xuco Xicana, Brasserie 19, Crave Cupcakes and the City Hall Farmers Market. Copies of the December-January issue of Taste of the South are available for $4.99 at bookstores and newsstands.

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Tried to pick it up at B&N today but they were unboxing tons of new mags and it wasn't on the shelf yet. Looking forward to it.


Wonder if the same highly domesticated ladies who love a good Bundt cake will thrill over Viet, Indian, and places like Hugo's or Moon Tower in Houston.

At least the dames "most likely to succeed" for a magazine of this sort, (T-B-D and Co) didn't get the call for once. Guess that's some progress. 

Ted Stickles
Ted Stickles

Man, you guys are just really butt hurt about Moon Tower, huh?

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