Pierson & Company Bar-B-Que Likely Not Closed For Good

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Photos by Katharine Shilcutt
A be-flagged Pierson & Company in happier times.
UPDATE: J.C. Reid reports from Twitter: "Talked to Clarence Pierson. Still recuperating from 2x knee replacements. He vows to be back! Hopefully after holidays." Our phone breath must smell bad, but we're just glad that Reid spoke to Pierson and has good news to report.

Earlier this year, local food writer J.C. Reid was stunned to pull up to Pierson & Company in Acres Homes and find the seminal barbecue joint boarded up. Reid called owner Clarence Pierson, and was told that due to a knee surgery, Pierson was temporarily out of commission.

Pierson told Reid that he planned on reopening his restaurant in two weeks. That was in August.

It's now midway through November and Pierson & Company shows no signs of life. The phone has been disconnected, the building falling into neglect and bills piling up in the black mailbox out front. It looks like Pierson & Company is closed for good less than four years after opening.

Pierson proudly showed me his Klose pit early last year.
Calls to both Pierson's home and cell numbers went unanswered, and two sources close to Pierson report that their own calls to the pitmaster have gone unanswered as well.

Pierson & Company -- which won Best Barbecue in our 2008 Best of Houston® awards -- was a favorite of our previous food critic, Robb Walsh, who included the restaurant on his well-attended barbecue tours and wrote about Pierson in 2008:

Along with the mesquite-smoked meats, it's the warm atmosphere that makes Pierson & Company unique. You seldom run into barbecue men as talkative as Clarence Pierson.

Pierson isn't talking these days, and that's a sad fact for barbecue fans across Houston.

Pierson 003.jpg
Barbecue fans, we hate to be the bearers of bad news.

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Pierson & Company Bar-B-Que - CLOSED

5110 W. T.C. Jester, Houston, TX

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I've just tried a new bbq place that opened in the Galleria area of all places. Great big wood pit up front. Called Stockyard Bar-B-Q.

Bought a deep-fried turkey and a smoked one for this coming weekend.

Jim Washburn
Jim Washburn

They were doomed because they couldn't spell "barbecue."

Terry Alexander
Terry Alexander

We are in Texas. That spelling is actually in the translation handbook we give out to all non-Texans when they cross the border. TA

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