Night After Monsters: Winner and Craft Beer Labels Announced

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Brooklyn's Oktoberfest: the label that proved toughest to guess.
We had 29 entries for last week's Night After Monsters contest, in which we asked our readers to identify 15 craft beer labels which had been edited to remove all identifying text. And of those 29 entries, an impressive 19 got all 15 correct. Houston, you know your craft beer.

The label that tripped people up the most wasn't one of the more obscure labels, like the Tricky Dick's Belgian Wit or Lakefront Brewery's Fixed Gear, but the simple label from Brooklyn Brewery that was the third label of 15. It was Brooklyn's Oktoberfest brew, but we received guesses ranging from "Pennant Ale" to "Winter Ale."

Congrats to the 29 readers who guessed all 15 labels correctly. And if you weren't one of the 29, the correct answers are after the jump.

But first, a big round of applause to our randomly selected winner from the pool of correct answers: David Wilkinson. Wilkinson will enjoy a $100 ticket to Night After Monsters and the eternal jealousy of all his friends at the Monsters of Beer festival the day before.

Not surprisingly, no one had difficulty with this label.
Correct answers (in order):

1. Shiner Bock
2. New Belgium Fat Tire Amber Ale
3. Brooklyn Oktoberfest
4. Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA
5. Southern Star Bombshell Blonde
6. Brouse Tricky Dick's Belgian Wit
7. Rogue Dead Guy Ale
8. Clown Shoes Tramp Stamp Belgian IPA
9. Deschutes Hop Henge Experimental IPA
10. Stone Ruination IPA
11. Lakefront Fixed Gear American Red Ale
12. Jester King Das Wunderkind! Farmhouse Table Beer
13. Left Hand Twin Sisters Double IPA
14. Saint Arnold Santo Black Kölsch
15. Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast Oatmeal Stout Brewed with Coffee

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D*mn son that ticket should have been mine


thought you would have an article about Trader Joe's opening in the Woodlands first by now.


The traditional blue and white diamond pattern was the clue to Oktoberfest.


Thanks, Katharine, I'm looking forward to the event, great contest!

Terry Alexander
Terry Alexander

I say give Trader Joes to Sugarland and give us Flying Saucer. Although it is kinda nice the TJ will be located about a mile from my house.TA

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