The 10 Best Food-Centric TV Episodes on Netflix, For Your Post-Thanksgiving Food Coma

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The Cosby family color-coordinated their Thanksgiving Day outfits. And you're wearing yoga pants. Good job.
Before I had cable, I invested in Netflix's streaming video service. It continues to be the best $7 I spend each month, despite the service's recent, public misadventures. And anyway, Netflix is where the new episodes of Arrested Development will eventually air, and that news more or less made up for all that Qwikster nonsense (Qwickster? Quixster? Who knows...).

One of the reasons I love Netflix so much is the ability to queue up my favorite old shows and watch them at any time (hey, Netflix, can I get that endorsement check now?). An embarrassingly large portion of my downtime is spent reliving old episodes of The Cosby Show, 30 Rock and Little Britain. In fact, I'll be doing that very thing today on Thanksgiving after the food coma and the meat sweats start to set in.

To celebrate, I pulled together some of the best food-centric episodes from non-food-related TV shows over the years. Some are Thanksgiving episodes, some aren't. But all are classics, and all are streaming on Netflix.

Some magnificent bastard on the Internet actually made a replica container of Red Dwarf chicken tikka masala.
10. Red Dwarf: "Tikka To Ride"

Food was kind of a big deal in the Red Dwarf universe anyway; Lister was a bit of a pig, after all. And this episode plays off his obsession with old English take-away favorites like chicken tikka masala. As an added absurd bonus, when the Starbug is damaged and its on-board supply of Indian food decimated in the attack, Lister's journey to find more curries leads the crew straight to Dallas just in time for the Kennedy assassination.

9. Wings: "Insanity Claus"

Say what you will, but Wings was a clever little show. And this was one of its funniest episodes: Tom Nevers Field is shut down after the air traffic controller completely loses his shit and takes Tony Shalhoub's memorable taxi-driving character, Antonio, hostage after Antonio eats the last jelly donut in the entire airport.

Kitty in the kitchen, where she's at her best.
8. That 70's Show: "Thanksgiving"

Remember when That 70's Show was truly funny and charming? Before the dumb spinoffs and Wilmer Valderrama having sex with Lindsay Lohan and the whole inexplicable national obsession with Ashton Kutcher? "Thanksgiving" is a great reminder of those happier days, featuring some of the best verbal sparring from the hilarious Debra Jo Rupp as Kitty.

7. Frasier: "The Impossible Dream"

"The Innkeepers" isn't available online (WTF, Netflix?) and neither is the second best episode, "The Perfect Guy." So we'll have to make do with the third best food-centric episode. Long before South Park skewered the weird ways in which food has become sexualized in "Creme Fraiche," Frasier featured Kelsey Grammar's lead character trying to understand the meaning of a recurring sex dream featuring his food critic peer at the radio station, Gil Chesterton.

6. Roseanne: "Thanksgiving '93"

The Connors' kitchen was always my favorite set on Roseanne; like the rest of the show, its look and feel was so realistic that it made for more genuine scenes, interactions and comedy. In this Season 6 episode, Becky is left to prepare Thanksgiving dinner while -- in true Roseanne fashion -- some dark secrets are revealed during the course of dinner.

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"Mad About You" had a good Thanksgiving episode where the turkey kept being thrown out the apartment window and the mother-in-law keeps saying "she buys her ice!".

Glenn Livet
Glenn Livet

The Wire. Lake trout stakeout. Marlo double-tapping the setup girl who Barksdale hired to seduce him. The spirit of the season, at its finest.


This is just what I need! Thanks :)

Christina Uticone
Christina Uticone

There is also an incredible Thanksgiving-themed episode of Frasier "A Lillith Thanksgiving" where Lillith & Frasier work to get Frederick admitted to a prep school. Jane Lynch plays a small supporting role, and Niles' storyline kind of steals the show. One of my favorites.

Thursday Girl
Thursday Girl

I know this is before your time, but WKRP in Cincinnati has made many best-of lists with it's infamous "Turkeys Away" episode. "As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly," may still be one of the most absurdly funny lines uttered on a TV sitcom.

Steve Marques
Steve Marques

Katherine you missed the absolute best.  Its a toss up for me. Seinfeld soup nazi or the episode where Kramer is tanning with butter and Newman sees a turkey when he sees him.  

Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

I would have loved to include plenty of Seinfeld episodes (and Simpsons and more), but they aren't available on Netflix.  :(

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