10 Pumpkin Dishes to Try in Houston: #3 Pumpkin Ravioli at Fratelli's

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Pumpkin ravioli.
In 2010, I had a grand ol' time scouring Houston for outstanding pumpkin dishes. One year later I'm older, definitely not wiser, and still in love with orange squash. So from now until Thanksgiving I'll be counting down (again) 10 Pumpkin Dishes to Try in Houston. Forks at the ready!

#3 Pumpkin Ravioli at Fratelli's Authentic Italian Cuisine

If gnocchi are the "pillows" of Italian pasta, then Fratelli's pumpkin ravioli are overstuffed suede cushions.

Chef Teresa Wittman has garnered numerous accolades for her meticulously prepared Italian food, and this fall she's outdone herself with the ravioli.

Stuffed with wood roasted pumpkin, ricotta and parmesan cheeses, and fresh herbs, the ravioli are all rolled and filled by hand in-house. It's a painstaking process that gives rise to delightfully delicate pieces, none of which are exactly the same. (If you want uncanny uniformity in your ravioli, look to Chef Boyardee.) Laced with piquant bits of sun-dried tomatoes, the ravioli balance wonderful sweet fruit flavors and more savory olive oil and garlic tones.

The ravioli ($12.95 entree, $6.95 appetizer) is just one of the dishes comprising Fratelli's fall pumpkin festival, which also includes a fabulous pumpkin risotto and a lighter-than-air pumpkin cheesecake.

Fratelli's cheesecake.jpg
Photo by Fratelli's Authentic Italian Cuisine
Save room for me!
The Chocolate Bar may have dibs on the #7 Pumpkin Dish to Try in Houston with its pumpkin cheesecake, but Fratelli's offers a whole new take on this traditionally rich dessert via a lighter texture and almost citrusy taste.

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Although I am sure all of the topten listed pumpkin creations are tasty it seems a shame that the most deliciouspumpkin creation I have ever tasted has not had a chance to compete.  Take a drive to Chez Nous and you will find the pumpkin Holy Grail. SpicedPumpkin Souffle Spiked with Homemade Marshmallows and Carmel crème anglaiseCome on you have to admit, just saythose words Carmel crème anglaise and its all over.


“Let me ask you a question. Everyone at this table. Did he just say the word pumpkin to me?”


So what's the story on the 'new' Fratelli's on Wirt Rd?  Anyone know? 


Teresa sold her recipes to them. The two restaurants are not affiliated in any way and the original restaurant has no oversight of the Wirt restaurant, which is a shame - that lady on Wirt is batty.

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