10 Pumpkin Dishes to Try in Houston: #5 Pumpkin Phosphate at Down House

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Photo by Joanna O'Leary
Pumpkin phosphate.
In 2010, I had a grand ol' time scouring Houston for outstanding pumpkin dishes. One year later I'm older, definitely not wiser, and still in love with orange squash. So from now until Thanksgiving I'll be counting down (again) 10 Pumpkin Dishes to Try in Houston. Forks at the ready!

#5 Pumpkin Phosphate at Down House

As a former science nerd, I immediately think of complicated equations and synthesis problems when I hear the word phosphate. Basically, everything that used to make my head spin in orgo chem.

The pumpkin phosphate at Down House also makes me dizzy, but in that lovely sort of way that comes from slowly sipping a well-constructed cocktail.

Created by Down House mixologist Jeremy Olivier (no relation to Sir Laurence), the pumpkin phosphate is made with rum, pumpkin soda, allspice, angostura bitters, and, of course, acid phosphate.

Unlike other pumpkin beverages I've tried, this cocktail presents a deep pumpkin flavor that stands on its own without being saccharine or overly spiced. Olivier attributes the unabashed squash taste to the preparation of the pumpkin soda, which is made in-house by combining freshly roasted pumpkin with water, a few spices, and just a touch of sugar.

The pumpkin phosphate is one of Down House's special "fall cocktails," and will be available at least through Thanksgiving. It's best tried on cool, crisp autumn evenings.

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