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Oh gosh, I dunno if I can choke down a cherry tomato after I already pigged out on all that grape!
Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, where "pound cake" is more of a challenge than a noun. Bet I can pound more cake than you.

We started the week off right with something that may come as a bit of a surprise: fried beer sucks. At first you think "ME LIKE FRIED THINGS AND ALSO BEER THEREFORE ME WILL LIKE FRIED BEER," but sadly reality does not follow. We love beer because it's perfect the way it is: crisp, cold (suck it, Europeans) and unburdened by gimmicky shit. When you fry a pocket of beer in grease, it becomes warm, flat and a whole bunch of other adjectives people use when they're describing the worst beer they ever had. Besides, frying is overrated. Call me when they find a way to slow-roast rotisserie beer.

Houston has some ugly-ass buildings for sure, and a few of those happen to be restaurants. A good list, but I was somewhat disappointed that Cream Burger didn't make it. The first time I pulled up to Cream Burger I was shocked that they refused to sprinkle some crack on my Frito pie. I KNOW YOU'VE GOT SOME BACK THERE, LOOK AT THIS PLACE. Also: props to that list for pointing out that sometimes amazing food is hiding in those butt-ugly strip malls. Only sometimes. Tread carefully.

Katharine Shilcutt plotted her 100 favorite Houston dishes out on Google Maps so that you could compare them to Robb Walsh's previous list. How do they compare? Well, they cover a few different parts of the city. So there you go.

It's October, which means it's Halloween time! My personal favorite time of the year, when the weather turns nice, horror movies start coming on TV more, and the ragweed makes my face attempt to explode off of my skull and run away. Yes, you take the good with the bad in October. The good: five Halloween-themed cocktails. The bad: five types of terrible Halloween candy. Sayyy, that last topic looks familiar... ah, well, maybe it's just me.

Five staples of the old fogie's pantry looks pretty accurate to me. Am I the only one whose grandparents were stocked up on about a zillion different kinds of cough drops and kept them in a candy bowl on top of the fridge? Respond in the comments, please.

Our fair city (Houston) is considering a slight rejuvenation of the parking regulations around town, although I personally refuse to get excited until they make mandatory valet parking punishable by death.

As far as comfort food goes, we've got you covered for when you're stressed, when you're sick, and when you're laid up in bed. Basically all three stages of the "Holy Christ it was 80 degrees this morning now it's 40 degrees tonight and my body is shutting down like a Chick-Fil-A on Sunday" weather-related illnesses we're going to be experiencing here in Houston fairly soon.

Someone dared suggest that the Frito Pie was not invented in Texas. Our response: "THE HELL IT WASN'T, DICKHOLE." Advantage: us.

Wingtober is coming up this week! It's gonna be a blast so come on out. Find me and I'll show you the proper way to eat the jointed wings. No, really.

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Clumsy Plumsy
Clumsy Plumsy

I've always heard beer is usually served at room temperature in Europe, which tends to be on average cooler than here in the States (especially Great Britain, etc).

Also, the tradition of ice cold beer in the States stems from being able to taste the cheap ingredients used by certain popular big-name companies as they turn warm (some sort of chemistry/wizardry-type process); ie. a problem Europe never had to contend with.

(Not trying to be pedantic, just little overheard tidbits which may in fact be completely false but sound reasonable.)


I've been all over Europe and never had a warm beer. In fact, in the UK they serve their Guinness "cold" and "extra cold". I have no idea where this warm beer rumor came from.


Dairy Queen, that is where all the gays hang out in Wisconsin !

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