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Mac and cheese with lobster, you say? Well, gosh, I dunno, I'm trying to watch my GIVE IT TO ME NOW OR I'LL KILL YOU
Welcome back to the weekly roundup here at Eating Our Words, wherefdkosa[GNOWri'r Excuse me. "Where ragweed season is now in full effect," I was about to say.

We started the week off right with a look at some of the best moments in TV food. A solid list, although somewhat incomplete without including the Mythbusters episode where Jamie used salsa to bust out of jail. Or did I dream that? Sometimes it's hard to tell with Mythbusters.

We sent a sandwich back this week, but not because it sucked. Find out why right here! Quick, before the suspense kills you! And if that's not enough, we also took a look at which of three Greek yogurts is the best. Hint: it's the one you're not sure how to pronounce. See, that's funny, because they're all weirdo foreign-speak.

It must have been a good day for Oreos, because they done fucked around and got a triple double. Yes, the sheer staggering variety of Oreos is crazy, but not as crazy as the fact that vegans can't eat honey. Really, vegans? The bugs are suffering under mankind's harsh yoke? Well what about the thousands of microbes you thoughtlessly slaughter every time you draw breath, hmmm? Are their lives no less important? Oh, I'm only poking some good-natured fun, you selfish murderers. Here, have a cookie. And some helpful tips. See, I hurt your feelings, then I draw you back in with niceness. It's my way.

Rolling out of bed on a Sunday afternoon with a hangover? You could do a lot worse for a cure than Dark Horse Tavern, one of roughly three places left on Washington Avenue that don't make me fly into a frenzy of stabbing immediately upon entry.

Felix 55 and C&D Burger Shoppe both got the once-over from us this week, and we even went out and nommed on some octopus. You know what they say: there's a sucker eaten every minute.

Boozing it up like it's your last night on Earth every night, alienating friends and worrying family? Well you can at least take care of your liver a little better. Your loved ones will find that very reassuring.

Finally, we close things out with maybe the biggest stretch of the "____tober" trope we've ever seen: Wingtober, in which hot wings will be consumed and judged. So basically because it's hot wings, we'll let them get away with it. Yes.

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JSG, you did not dream Jamie using salsa to bust out of a Mexican prison.  That was an actual myth they tested. 

Dennis H.
Dennis H.

Great writing.  Look forward to reading this article every Friday.  Thank you.

Dennis H.
Dennis H.

Another great TWID article.  Look forward to reading it every Friday.  Thanks for the wonderful writing.

John Seaborn Gray
John Seaborn Gray

Yes, I know. Sometimes when I'm being funny I write like it's pretendtimes but then if I'm not funny people think it are SERIOUSTIMES and confused become things.

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