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Eater Houston: Amber Ambrose has released the Eater Essential 38 for Houston, a list of the 38 restaurants that you must eat at this year. Do you agree with the list? What I find most interesting about it -- when viewed in map form -- is how closely it follows the geographic distribution of our Best of Houston® winners. Just goes to show that far too many of Houston's best restaurants are concentrated on the west side of town. Come on, East End! Bring it on!

Dude, You Going to Eat That?: Dr. Ricky challenges the idea -- held primarily here in the West -- that ramen (real ramen, that is) is nothing more than a cheap, unsatisfying meal. His question of "$8 for a bowl of ramen?!" is one that I've heard before from ramen detractors, and could be one of the reasons that the delicious soup hasn't quite caught on yet in Houston.

Devour Houston: I'm not the only one who's currently in love with the oddly-named Happy Fatz in the Heights. Devour Houston digs it, too, especially the eclectic menu of hot dogs, cupcakes, breakfast tacos and cheesecake.

The Mighty Rib: Now that we have a twinge of fall in the air, anything roasted or braised is starting to sound mighty good. And I'm currently salivating over this Mighty Rib recipe for pork fat-roasted chicken. I mean...come on.

Houston Foodie: Fox 26 News apparently has a new segment called "Houston Bloggers," in which it gathers perspectives from local bloggers on their favorite topics. The most recent blogger featured was former EOW writer J.C. Reid, who now writes for 29-95 as well as his own website. Reid was asked to showcase his favorite barbecue restaurant, and he took viewers to Gatlin's to do so.

Examiner: In this great article from a few weeks back, Mike Ricetti discusses the history of that Italian staple -- eggplant parmesan -- and how it has no roots in Parma whatsoever.

Hank's Food and Restaurant Blog: Just in time for the season, Hank reviews the Oktoberfest burger at Red Robin. If you're wondering what makes it Oktoberfest-y, that would be the fact that it's served with Black Forest ham, wholegrain beer mustard and beer mustard-sauteed onions on a pretzel bun. I'm sorry, but that sounds damn delicious. Prost!

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Early Cuyler
Early Cuyler

After following the link to the review of Happy Fatz on the Devour Houston site, I am convinced now more than ever that you ladies really need to stop using Rachel Rayisms. I can't speak for women, but I am pretty sure most men would back me up, there is no bigger turn off than a woman who says shit like delish, and ginormous, and totes innapropes or whatever the hell it is. STOP!

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