Comment of the Day: Upscale Vegan

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Yesterday Katharine Shilcutt wrote about Houston's options for vegan food, and guess what? People get real excited about this kind of thing. Some believe you shouldn't mention vegan options at a restaurant that also serves non-vegan food.

But we disagree, and so did commenter veggiecook, judging from her recommendations for additional options:

Don't forget, if you want to go more upscale there are great vegan options as well...

A few examples include:
Backstreet Cafe
Haven (not quite as many options, but willing to work with you)

That said, many of the vegan restaurants leave a lot to be desired in Houston. Not much innovation that I can't make myself for cheaper at home. There are options, yes, but the quality and innovation of the food isn't nearly as good as in other cities of comparable size.

Best option for new vegans is to learn how to cook and know where the good innovative and accommodating places are for special occasions. Not to say I don't sometimes patronize the above locations, I certainly do, but I normally leave underwhelmed...

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I have been veganish since the beginning of the year after a long reign as a meat loving foodie. It's a whole new world on so many levels. I have found plenty of asian vegan restaurants and, of couse, Radical Eats (which I adore).

With regards to upscale dining: I recently had dinner at an upscale restaurant in the suburbs and asked for a vegan option, which they were more than happy to oblige. My vegan dinner consisted of a nice mixed greens salad, steamed/roasted vegetables, and mixed berries/fruit. Nothing in the least creative about it and I was left wondering where the good vegan options were in upscale dining. I'll have to give the restaurants noted a try. 

Thanks for spotlighting vegan fare. 

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