Egg Cream: "Y'all Talking to Me?"

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John Kiely
You Bet
Nothing could be more purely Brooklyn, New York than an egg cream, right? The drink, yes, but there's something suspicious about the name of the required chocolate syrup, Fox's U-bet. Who says that in New York?

I wonder how long Robert De Niro's career would've been delayed, had he stood before a mirror as Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver, drawing his pistol and proclaiming, "You bet!"

It comes as no surprise to learn that Herman Fox, who founded H. Fox and Company with his wife Ida in 1900, decided he could make a fortune in the Texas oil boom of the mid-'20s. He didn't, but Fox went back home with a new name for his chocolate syrup.

Appropriately, room-temperature Fox's U-bet pours out a viscous brown-black, reminiscent of Texas light, sweet crude. The syrup is neither too sweet nor too chocolatey.

Most egg cream recipes involve fractions, but I keep the math simple: In a tall glass, pour one inch of whole milk and one inch of Fox's U-bet. Pour in enough seltzer (Topo Chico Mineral Water works well) to fill the glass half-full, and stir. Tilt the glass and pour the seltzer down the inside of the glass until full. Drink it immediately, if not sooner, as an egg cream may be past its prime in 60 seconds.

Egg creams are part of the renaissance of soda fountains in America. The new Café Luz offers the traditional chocolate, as well as vanilla, raspberry, and dulce de leche egg creams.

Fox's U-bet can be found at Rice Epicurean and in the kosher section of Belden's and Randall's.

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This is new to me. Should the mineral water be cold?

Andy Sicignano
Andy Sicignano

They make egg creams in Brooklyn?  I thought the only place to get one was in The Bronx!


Where does the egg come in?


Originally called chocolate et creme, due to the dearth of French in Brooklyn at the time, the "et creme" became "egg cream".


Thanks,  I made this and I was impressed!  It's always nice to expand my horizens.

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