Fast Times: Fajitas Puebla Tacos At Taco Cabana

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Don't gotta tell me twice.
Oh, Taco C, how I love thee. Maybe it's because I lived off Taco Cabana tortillas and queso in college; every great night at the square or float down the river in San Marcos ended with a trip to TC. Drunk, sober or hungover, it hits the spot.

So when I saw an ad for Taco Cabana's new fajitas pueblas, I put them on my "to eat" list. The plain 'ol chicken fajita taco and I have been in a committed relationship for years now, so adding chopped bacon and a creamy avocado sauce? It's just like a spiffy haircut or new suit. I still love him for who he is, but he sure does clean up nice.

After a late Tuesday evening at The Dubliner, my belly was growling, and even though it's a bit of a hike, we headed over to the Taco Cabana on 59 and Kirby. (Who else misses the TC at the corner of Westheimer and Montrose? DAMN YOU, Smoothe King.) We ordered the fajitas puebla, one chicken, one beef, and took them home.

These things are good, and I'm not just saying that because I had alcohol in my system...(but come on, booze makes TC taste a little better). Above is the marinated steak taco with pico, shredded lettuce and chopped bacon. The creamy avocado sauce, hiding on the bottom, has jalapeno, sour cream and cilantro in the mix.

Chicken fajita puebla
The chicken was tender, and the bacon gave the taco a nice crunch. Drizzle a little queso on there, some spicy salsa fuego, add fresh cilantro and you've got yourself delicious, drippy mess. I like the fajitas puebla much more than the street tacos, probably because I'm not a fan of the corn tortillas.

Can we please talk about these flour tortillas for a minute? Warm, so soft and fluffy, thick and substantial but not to the point where they overpower their contents...they're my absolute favorite. If I had an Abuelita, I imagine her tortillas would taste like these.

I dig 'em, but what makes them puebla? Would someone from the state of Puebla try these tacos and think "spot on"? Or would they think, "what the hell is this...?"

Taco Cabana's culinary team traveled to Mexico last year to do a little research. Taco Cabana says "... mole poblano, a sauce that blends approximately 20 different flavors, originated in Puebla, as did chiles en nogada, a famous dish that represents the green, white and red of the Mexican flag. The avocado found in a cave located in Coxcatlan, Puebla, Mexico that dates to around 10,000 BC is used to enhance many handmade Mexican specialties seen in open-air markets and restaurants throughout the region."

Mmmmm...cave avocados....

The TC crew is heading to Mexico later this month to do more research and find inspiration for new menu items. Lets hope the fruits (or tacos) of their labor are just as tasty. The fajitas pueblas are here for a limited time (sad face) so get on it if you want to try them.

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I just wrote a review on these myself, so I wanted to write mine before I read yours.Suffice it to say, we had very different opinions.  I will say this:  Even drunk, you take better pictures than I do.  I'll link it when it gets posted, if you'd like.

Jay Francis
Jay Francis

There's a little irony here. The original taco al pastor probably originated in the city of Puebla as a result of the immigration of one Iraqui Christian family who immigrated to Mexico in the 1900's. They brought with them the Middle Eastern style of grilling meat on a rotating upright spit. Now, the word taco itself can mean wedge or wadding and in times past referred to the wadding that one crammed into a cannon ahead of the cannon ball. So visually you are also cramming the taco into your mouth in the same way.  To this day, it is not uncommon to have tacos in Puebla that also are filled with French friesd potatoes. Also not uncommon is to find the taco meat wrapped in a pita like bread instead of a corn tortilla. Less common these days but you can still find some places.  But back in the day neither the flour tortilla, the chcken "fajita", etc would identify a dish as Pueblan. A true Pueblan dish would be the cemita sandwich for example. Although Taco Cabana mentioned mole Poblano and chiles en nogada, I can't see that they very Northern Mexico "taco" has anything to do with Puebla. And anyway, it would be called taco estilo Puebla.

your pal
your pal

next time you are enjoying TC flour tortillas....close your eyes and smell them ......EXACTLY LIKE PANCAKES! pretty cool right? 

Bruce R
Bruce R

I'd like to like TC, but every time I go there I struggle to enjoy it.  I find myself making repeated trips to the salsa bar but still can't get it all to add up to something decent.  The problem, I think, is the tortillas.  They're whiter than rice, slightly gummy, and are the tortilla equivalent of Wonder Bread.  Boring.

Bruce R
Bruce R

So TC isn't serving the real deal?  Can we at least allow for the possibility that for many centuries Pueblans have been rolling their tortillas out of Bisquick?


What you call gummy, I call fluffy.  I heart TC tortillas.

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