CRAVE Cupcakes Team With MD Anderson to Fight Cancer

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CRAVE Cupcakes does more for the Houston community than just give away its "morning cupcakes" as lagniappe at lunch. The cupcake company has partnered with MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospitals's Art in Medicine program to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Pediatric cancer patients have designed a logo for the project, which will be featured on all of the CRAVE Cupcakes's Childhood Cancer Awareness boxes. In addition to this artwork, a portion of the proceeds from each box purchased will go to support MD Anderson's crucial Art in Medicine program, which helps to provide a better quality of life for pediatric cancer patients through art instruction and therapy.

Even better, a portion of the proceeds from each box of CRAVE Cupcakes delivered anywhere within the Medical Center -- whether they're Childhood Cancer Awareness boxes or not -- will also go to benefit the program. It's a sweet way to let a friend or loved one in the Medical Center know you're thinking of them, and a sweet way to contribute to a worthy cause.

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Awesome. That's incentive to eat a cupcake. Maybe I'll wash it down with a Dublin Dr. Pepper.


I vote for SirRon to be commenter of the day.

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