Comments of the Day: Tortoise-Like Service?

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This weekend Katharine Shilcutt named her tenth favorite dish in town, the ribs at Gatlin's, and they look and sound absolutely delicious.

But one reader had a problem with the service:

Wrote Jamescristinia:

Part of the long lines is the tortoise like service. It took 20 minutes for a 2 meat a la carte with one person in front of me getting a small order. The ribs and brisket were delicious, but these folks need to get their act together and speed it up a couple of notches.

Sharon Worster had a retort for him, though:

Yes, but the wait is totally worth it!! This ain't fast food y'all. It's the best food.

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Nicole B.
Nicole B.

The food at Gatlin's is amazing.  The wait to get that food?  Not so much.  My husband dropped by there on Saturday to pick up some ribs and brisket and was told it would be 30 minutes, so he left and came back and then waited another 45 minutes for the food to be ready.  I really don't understand why it takes so long.  Is the food not ready to slice and serve?


I dunno. Barbecue places - even the best of them - turn orders around quickly. I've been to Gatlin's twice and both times it took me 20 minutes to get a brisket sandwich, which many places can drop on your plate in about 30 seconds. Slice, put on bread, pour sauce in a cup, pickles and onions are over on a side table. End of story. Anything more than 5, 10 minutes tops seems really slow for a tiny cue spot.

Christine Ha
Christine Ha

Agreed.  I waited 45 min. for 2 combos in the small, hot venue. I thought everything was already smoked, and they just needed to slice it off.  If they have people waiting in the store, they shouldn't take phone orders and let those phone orderers skip the wait.

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