Happy Hour Scene: Christian's Tailgate

Despite the signage, this Christian's is a Washington Avenue bar in name only
The Place: Christian's Tailgate
7340 Washington

The Deals: $2.50 wells, $2.50 domestic drafts and bottles, $7.50 pitchers

The Hours:
noon to 7 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays

The Scene: If there's a reason to mention the adult-to-child ratio, you're probably not at a wild happy hour.

"I think there are more kids here than adults," my friend Casey said when we sat down at the Christian's Tailgate on Washington. He was barely wrong -- the distribution among the 14 people in the bar was exactly 1:1, unless someone was in the bathroom when I counted.

At 5 p.m., it felt like a quiet cousin that's only distantly related to the rowdier locations in Midtown and the Heights. While we had a beer and waited on a burger, a kid with nicer hair than me played an old arcade game, ESPN talking heads on mute analyzed boosters, hookers and bling at the University of Miami, and a Hootie and the Blowfish song played on the stereo. (The song with lyrics that sound like they say "dolphins make me cry"...and we just looked them up. The lyrics actually say that. Shit.)

The two groups with children left about 20 minutes in. The kids were well behaved, but it's better they took off, since we were about to play a game of shuffleboard and there's no way that's going down without involuntary profane outbursts. Especially when your so-called buddy knocks off your best shot of the afternoon without even a minor display of emotion.

We're not sure about late-night weekends, but when it comes to happy hour, stay on the south side of I-10 if you want the typical Washington scene. If you'd rather relax and eat good burgers with families and guys cooling down with a beer while still in their work coveralls, Christian's does fine.

And if you want some good bathroom graffiti, check out the space above the urinals in the men's room. We're still not sure if the spelling mistake was intentional.


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Location Info

Christian's Tailgate Grill & Bar

7340 Washington, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Mister Kay
Mister Kay

Been to Christians many times...I don't EVER remember seeing any kids there.

It's a bar ( some would say a sports bar ). NOT a kid friendly environment. Not a place where responsible parents would bring their kids.

Best Cheeseburgers in towm.....


Point of clarification from 90's history -- the Hootie lyric is not ". . .dolphins make me cry," as in cute, intelligent sea mammals.  It is ". . .The Dolphins make me cry."  As in the Miami Dolphins professional football team and their series of Dan Marino- led near-miss seasons in the late 80's and early 90's that caused their fans to cry, including bands from South Carolina who wrote catchy, bubblegum frat-pop tunes.  Holy moly, do I feel old now. . .


That graffiti is classic! Nice find!

Mister Kay
Mister Kay

 Thats " Best Cheeseburgers in town"  Oopps....


Exactly.  All you have to do is google the video to realize that.  I'm guessing Glenn Livet was too busy playing with Pokemon at the time.


Was Pokemon even around these parts when that video came out?

And I apologize for not watching a Hootie and the Blowfish video.

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