The Slurpees Are Back in Town

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It's just an ICEE with a silly (okay, sillier) name!
Guess who just got back today? (I love Thin Lizzy; sue me.)

Slurpees, that's who.

While there hasn't been a 7-Eleven in the Houston city limits since the late '80s, fans of its famous Slurpee still exist.

Although it's just a cleverly marketed rip-off of the California-based ICEE, there's something about the Slurpee that people still hold dear.

Is it the fact that it's produced by a Texas-based company? (Well, Texas-based for their American headquarters; 7-Eleven is owned by the Japanese now.) The fact that it inspired The Simpsons's Squishee? I'll honestly never know (especially considering the fact that you can get Dr Pepper ICEEs all over town, thus negating the need for Slurpees).

Regardless, the Slurpee is back in Houston starting today -- 7/11, get it? -- and running through at least the end of the summer. But you can't get them at a 7-Eleven store, obviously. They're only at the movies.

Slurpees are now available in three flavors -- red, blue and Coca-Cola, I'm guessing -- at Cinemark movie theaters across the city. This marks the first time that Slurpees have ever been sold outside 7-Eleven stores, and it makes for a rather perfect pairing during the hot summer: a cool, dark theater with big summer movies on the screen and a bucket of sweet, icy slush in hand.

Alright, maybe I can sort of see the appeal of Slurpees. Especially right now. But I'm still sticking to my Dr Pepper ICEEs.

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Although a 7-Eleven product is sold @ Cinemark Theaters - this was based on a litmus test in the DFW Metroplex where a Dallas sports arena (unknown to this present day) partnered with 7-Eleven USA. Six Flags Theme Parks has also signed on (same as the Cinemark Theater locations chosen - 10 in Houston Metro) - now distributing 7-Eleven branded drinks in 10 states (this landed the Slurpee back in San Antonio prior to the TETCO deal where real 7-11s are now revived). It has been 25 years since the 7-Eleven logo was last sighted in the Houston Metro area - the company which bought the H-town locations (National Convenience Stores which owned Stop n Go) merged with Diamond Shamrock (now Valero) and the Valero CornerStores only have ICEE machines with 3 valves. Timewises and Star Stops do not...

J. Britt Alexander
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In 1965, 7-Eleven began a licensing deal with The ICEE Company to sell the product under certain conditions. Two notable conditions being, first, they had to come up with a different name for the product, and second, were only allowed to sell the product in 7-Eleven locations in the U.S. The latter being a non-compete clause ensuring the two drinks never went head to head for distribution rights -  

... and if you have not had a Banana Chocolate Pie Slurpee, you have not LIVED!!


I miss Mountain Dew Slurpees.


"Although it's just a cleverly marketed rip-off of the California-based ICEE..."

7-11 has a licensing deal with the ICEE Company to sell Slurpees. It's far from a "cleverly marketed rip-off."


Cherry (1/3)/Dr. Pepper (2/3) ICEE is where it's at.

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Slurpees were free today at all 7-11s.  Guess that does not mean Houston's Slurpees.


My hubby is addicted to Watermelon ICEEs, but they're nearly impossible to find.  We've been known to take many a Sunday drive seeking the elusive treat.  Any inside scoop on where we can find them???

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