Can You Spot the Real Meat?

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Here is George Washington demanding shaved meat from a fellow patriot. (No, really.)
What's more patriotic for a red-blooded American to do on the Fourth of July than eat meat? Grill it, barbecue it, broil it, fry it, tie it to the end of a bottle rocket and shoot it in to the sky (don't really do that last one): Meat is glorious!

Except when it's fake. And as we all know, those fake meat infiltrators are getting better and craftier at disguising their vegan chicanery. So here's your task this Fourth of July: Find the real meat in the photos below and unmask those unpatriotic pretenders!

(Note: We really do love vegetarians and vegans, so close the angry email you were penning in Gmail and get back to the picture hunt.)

Starting with the city that started it all in 1776, can you guess which of these Philly cheese steaks is authentic and which one is an impostor?

Photo by Lisa B

Photo by Cyndie
Click ahead for the answer and the next pair of pictures.

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Cheek!  That second corn on the cob is clearly burned* ;)

* It looks lovely.

Fatty FatBastard
Fatty FatBastard

Those were easier to figure out than I would've thought.  (The preformed patty gave away the veggie burger)  And I tried out a soy version of chorizo per your suggestion.  I don't know where you usually eat chorizo, but it didn't taste alike at all.  Very peculiar.  A couple of bites and I tossed the rest.

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