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I'm a firm believer that there are foods and drinks to match every occasion...even the less than pleasant one that occurs roughly every 28 days. If Aunt Flo is coming to visit/ you're just about to ride the crimson wave/you're feeling "menstruiffic" (is that enough euphemisms for ya?), this post is for you. Here are my five favorite PMS snacks.

5. Vitamin Water Zero. The counter-intuitive remedy for water retention is, in fact, to drink even more water. Although I have no problem guzzling plain H2O, I like to mix one part regular water with one part Vitamin Water Zero to spice up the taste and to get some additional Vitamin B.

4. Peanut Butter on Sunflower Seed Toast. The magnesium in the peanuts and sunflower seeds alleviates fatigue and moodiness and the fiber keeps, um, things moving. Plus, toast makes me think of childhood, that lovely time of life in which I wasn't ovulating.

3. Tuna Melt. If you find yourself doubled over in pain just before your period, look to Omega-3's for relief from cramping. In an ideal world, I would skip the extra fat and just eat a can of sardines, but I compromise with the tuna melt to satisfy my desire for comfort food and get some extra protein from the cheese.

2. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels. Sometimes I alternate between Ben & Jerry's and buttered popcorn to satisfy my sweet-savory cravings. Sometimes, however, I take irrational pride in being an ultra-efficient snacker. In the latter scenario, I go for the chocolate-covered pretzels for that perfect mix of sugar, chocolate, carbohydrates, and salt.

1. Banana Milkshake. Calcium in the milk keeps estrogen levels in check, Vitamin B and potassium in the bananas helps with water retention, and, for me, the cold liquid soothes an unquiet mind. Haul out the home blender, or head to Chick-Fil-A for their seasonal banana pudding milkshake. Go through the drive-through, and you won't even have to take off your sweatpants.

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I love that you were able to work in Aunt Flo with a food blog. I tend to crave fried chicken and chocolate. Not together, although it may be quite tasty.


Wow. This is a really good Top 5! I'm glad I clicked. I'm off to click some banner ads!1! {/}


I have a banana, yogurt, berry smoothie at least once a week for dinner.  Bananas really take care of those cravings!

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