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For a while, I was driving completely out of my way to The Yogurt Spot every time I wanted good frozen yogurt. Yes, it's in Chinatown. But the yogurt is reliably good and it always seems to have Family Guy reruns on the TV.

Surrounded by high school kids studying and laughing, I always feel like I'm tucked into someone's cozy, yogurt-outfitted living room when compared to some of the starker, more minimalist yogurt shops in town.

But in the interest of cutting down my gas bill, I finally checked out the latest Tutti Frutti location this weekend. It's in Montrose. Much closer. And while not quite as cozy, it has the added benefit of being sandwiched between a Starbucks and a Berryhill Tamales along Montrose Boulevard that are both constantly busy. People-watching here is phenomenal.

Like my old favorite, Tutti Frutti stocks a wide array of fruit and other toppings to go along with the rotating assortment of flavors. I tried the yellow cake batter and chocolate on my first visit and hated them; they were far too heavy for frozen yogurt. But this was my own fault.

Tutti Frutti 002.jpg
I got the plain "tart" flavor on my next visit and experienced that joy of falling in love with a foodstuff all over again, even if it's something I've had a million times. On a disgustingly sweaty Sunday, nothing could have tasted as good to me as that cup of plain yogurt: frosty and teeth-smashingly cold, with a bright tartness that had only the barest edge of sweetness underneath.

I threw on some blueberries and strawberries and called it a day, then sat happily outside and watched the Sunday Funday crowd wind down at Berryhill while an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in. That's better entertainment than Family Guy anyway.

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Yes, agree, try Swirll on West Gray next to Kroger.  Some good people watching there too.  Tutti fruitti sounds A LOT like Swirll, even down to the cake batter and plain tart flavors.  My favorite flavor at Swirll is snickerdoodle but they don't have it year round.  

Stacy Zane
Stacy Zane

I'm a Swirll fan, are you not? I have yet to try any other yogurt spots.

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