Hula Mama's: Paradise in a Double Wide

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The buffet was nothing to write home about.
Given the first impression Hula Mama's had made on me, my expectations were low for the Polynesian revue and floor show. But when the lights were lowered and the very first dancer came out wielding a torch of fire, I knew I was in for a surprise.

It turns out, Hula Mama's is still going through some growing pains. But they've got the performance aspect down pat. Behind the fire dancer a guitar player and a large Polynesian man sat at the back of the stage, playing drums with such precision that during the first song I was convinced they were a recording.

The man behind the drum, known as Chief Tama, moved to Houston from Florida with his family to work for Continental. He's also a former dancer at the legendary Mai Kai, which makes him an alumni of the gold standard of tiki in America. Tama, who is Samoan, danced there for 10 years and dreamed of opening his own place. In 1986 he started the entertainment group Drums of the Pacific, where you can take hula or tamure lessons yourself. Now that he's retired form the airline industry, he has also opened Hula Mama's, which employs dancers from Samoa and Tonga.

Hula Mama's show is worth the $40 entry price even if the food isn't. The lounge-y MC, who grew up in Maui (and who most likely also doubles as Elvis on their "Blue Hawaii" nights), takes you through a whirlwind trip of the Polynesian islands, explaining the dances and traditions of each archipelago. The dancers are truly skilled, and there's really nothing else like this going on in Houston right now.

Tama told me he's working on the food, and that he wants to expand, get a liquor license and eventually serve tiki drinks like the infamous Mystery Bowl. Even if that doesn't happen, the next time they have a Blue Hawaii night, I'm there.

See more photos from the luau in our slideshow.

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Hula Mamas - CLOSED

8550 FM 1960 Bypass Road W., Humble, TX

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This Shey chick should stick to what she is good at although not sure what that is but one thing is for sure; it is not accurate reporting!  I frequent Hula Mama's because the food is anything but bland and FYI; that is not a double wide missy! Being a General Contractor for over 20 years, it was obvious that the original portion was smaller but was added on to.     The entire dining and stage floor are constructed as an exterior deck with the soil only inches from the bottom of the framing.  I ate at this location before Hula Mama's took it over and when it was a BBQ joint and it was NEVER  a double wide ANYTHING. Forgive me for going into detail on the construction but it really bothers me when some self proclaimed critic starts popping off at the mouth spurting out information as it is "fact" when it is nothing more than their own pathetic perspective.  This Shey lady is as inaccurate in her description of the food as she is on the type of construction of the building. I always trusted The Houston Press in the past for responsible reporting but this article is in left field except for her comments on the show.  The show is as good as anything you will see in Hawaii.  However, FYI, Andrew Analu the M/C does not double as the Elvis impersonator. That is done by the talented Billy Wade.Anyone reading this owes it to themselves to check this place out for themselves.  In all the times I have attended (at least 2 times per month) I have never heard anyone say anything negative about the food or show.  I even rented the facility on a Sunday afternoon to have a private luau for my wife's 50th birthday party and everything was so impressive that I keep coming back! Throw Shey out with the hay because Hula Mama's is a happening place!

J Vernon


Oh, Humble. I don't miss you. This sounds fun, but... no. I grew up in Kingwood and what that area needs is actual good restaurants. Those are few and far between.

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