Happy National Donut Day: Sexy Pictures Of Donuts (NSFW?)

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There are bear claws, crullers, holes, cream-filled, jelly-filled, donut-fillled, fritters, maple bars, chocolate twists, and long johns in the universe of donuts, with countless other varieties remaining to be created by bakers bent on sending us all to early graves.

Today is National Donut Day, a day to celebrate those filthiest and most base of desserts. The day was created by the Salvation Army to commend the women who handed out donuts to soldiers in World War I. We can't think of a better pastry to enjoy while stuck in a hellish, rat-infested trench of filled with the blood of your friends and enemies and other inhuman gore.

National Donut Day is a special day we honor these treats that tempt us each morning at work, when some joker thinks they are being a pal and bringing a few dozen to the office. You end up forgetting about the healthy Greek yogurt you brought and the next thing you know your desk is littered with sugar and crumpled Shipley's napkins. They can get the sweet off your fingers, but not out of your soul.

Here are some sexy pictures of donuts, mostly featuring women, because he couldn't find many pictures of hunky dudes eating or holding donuts since that doesn't occur, at least not with a camera around. It's guys that look like Homer Simpson, Kevin James, and Prince Fielder who eat donuts, and not your Bradley Coopers and Jason Stathams. Mmm...Prince Fielder.




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Thanks for that. I was all good and ready to leap off the health wagon for this afternoon's snack and splurge on a donut or twelve for National Donut Day, but after those bathtub shots and that one with the man in pink underpants, the leftover oatmeal in the fridge is looking a lot more appealing.

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