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Anamaris Cousins Price
Mexican breakfast at Hacienda Guanajuato
There are events that mark every generation. "What were you doing when the towers came down?" is a question that will always linger for those of us who witnesed it. On that day, I remember just wanting to be on familiar ground with loved ones. And so, two of my friends and I huddled together around a table at La Finca, then located on Mason Road and Highland Knolls in Katy, while we watched the events unfold.

La Finca (23930 Westheimer Parkway, 281-693-0140) has been my go-to Tex-Mex restaurant since it opened its doors in 2000. I know that makes it a young place when you consider I've been talking to you about restaurants that have been around for at least 20 years. The thing is, La Finca had me at carnitas.

When Aurelia and Antonio Rodriguez opened up the original La Finca, it had no more than ten tables. Katy residents and those from neighboring areas have been faithful patrons and followed them on their journey of growth. Today, they continue to serve consistently delicious food from several locations throughout the greater Houston area. The menus are the same and so is the love that goes into the food.

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Anamaris Cousins Price
Huevos Rancheros
Being very familiar with their dinner menu, my best friend and I decided to check out their breakfast. We set off to Hacienda Guanajuato (1420 South Mason Road, 281-693-0140) on Mason Road, half a block away from the original La Finca location. This is the only La Finca location serving breakfast, and the only one with a different name.

I had the chilaquiles, strips of corn tortillas fried crisp and served with a ranchera-style sauce, cheese and scrambled eggs. My friend chose the huevos rancheros, which looked perfectly cooked and delicious. Since no Mexican breakfast is complete without barbacoa tacos, we each had one. My only disappointment was the lack of pan dulce, but we were happy girls regardless. We yapped and ate and were merry. I had one of the margaritas as my dessert; it was brunch after all!

If you're looking for good Tex-Mex/Mexican food at a reasonable price and relaxed atmosphere, see if there's a La Finca near you. I hear the locations on North Fry and Westchase are open late and have Latin dancing into the wee hours (for Houston that's only 2 a.m., though).

Do you have an old favorite? Tell me about it; I may pay it a visit.

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La Finca

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OUCH.  About the only thing that looks good is the green salsa.  Tortillas look horrible.

Anamaris Cousins
Anamaris Cousins

Actually, their flour tortillas are really good, well, as long as you like your tortillas thin, light and with enough lard to make them see-through. Nom!


OK , I vote for a trip to Chupultapec and I know I can't spell - so not a word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anamaris Cousins
Anamaris Cousins

If there aren't a ton of reviews on it already, I'll stop by.


all the inner loopers must have had heart attacks that the press would venture 20 miles from 610 for anything

Anamaris Cousins
Anamaris Cousins

LOL - That's classic. That's what happens when they have outer-loopers as contributors. Just you wait, I'm going to take you as far from the loop as I possible can.

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