The Royal Wedding Gets Even Cheesier at Central Market

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Royal Cheese Carving 001.jpg
I don't know what I was expecting when I heard that Central Market was hosting Sarah "The Cheese Lady" Kaufmann over the weekend, who was prepared to carve a portrait of William and Catherine -- the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge -- out of a giant wheel of Cheddar cheese in honor of the royal wedding.

I suppose I expected something a bit more elaborate. Like one of these massive cheese creations, for instance.

Instead, what was on display this weekend was a half-completed portrait of Wills and Kate carved into one side of a 1,000-pound wheel of cheese. That much cheese and so little carving? And into a piece of Wisconsin Cheddar instead of the real-deal Somerset stuff? I was disappointed, to say the least.

Royal Cheese Carving 005.jpg
The grocery store patrons seemed to be as well, more interested in grabbing bites of the cheese from a nearby glass dome and continuing on to the prepared foods section at Central Market.

I didn't eat any of the royal cheese, but I did snap a few pictures. Perhaps Kate Middleton's face was finished the next day, Sunday, but I confess that I was well and truly worn thin on all the royal wedding hoopla by then.

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Funny, she gave Wills a much sharper chin and features than he really has. Looks more like a young George H W Bush to me.

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