Tequila Talk with Stewart Skloss of Pura Vida Tequila - Part 2

The three Pura Vida labels and the limited edition Extra Anejo
Wednesday, we spoke with Stewart Skloss of Pura Vida Tequila and learned a little about how his brand got started and what makes Pura Vida stand out from the big names in tequila. Today, we talk food and "The Gibbons."

EOW: Like wine, do certain labels of the tequila go with certain foods?

SS: The number one-selling cocktail is the margarita, so of course you associate that with your traditional Tex-Mex, your fajitas and enchiladas. But you can only have so many before feeling full, so you can have the Blanco or Reposado and sip on it. You can have a great pasta at La Griglia with the Reposado and a steak at Mo's with the Anejo. Make it a great dining experience.

EOW: Tell us a little more about what's in store for Pura Vida.

SS: We are launching a sangrita on Cinco de Mayo, and in June the margarita mix and the skinny version that is less than 80 calories. The extra Anejo will be out in the fourth quarter of this year. You have to crawl before you walk, so we focus on Texas this year and next year will go to California. We have a goal to be in six other states by 2013.

Sounds like they will be busy...So what is "The Gibbons"? It's a drink made especially for Mr. Billy Gibbons himself. One way to describe it would be lemonade with a kick. The website includes other great cocktail recipes.

The Gibbons

  • 1 and 1/2 oz Pura Vida (Blanco or Roposado)
  • 1 and 1/2 oz Topo Chico ("Perrier on steroids")
  • 1 lime wedge
  • 1 lemon wedge
  • 2 slices of jalapeno

Pour the tequila into a glass filled with ice. Add the Topo Chico and lime. Add freshly sliced jalapenos to taste. Stir gently and garnish with a jalapeno slice. Salud!

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Francesco Orodinapoli
Francesco Orodinapoli

There are maybe 10 people, max, in Houston who might know tequila better than me. I would love to do a blind taste test sometime of Pura Vida and 5 other premium brands. What intrigues me is the "5 times water purification" remark in the story.


Good write up on a good Tequila, but it is called Reposado NOT Roposado & Stewart calls his Reposado ==> Gold! :)

John Kiely
John Kiely

I was looking for a plata anyway, so I decided to call Stewart Skloss on his Dallas-size hype. Assuming he maintains that price-point, I've got a new house blanco. Well crafted, Mr. Skloss y Srs. Vivancos, well crafted.

John Kiely
John Kiely

Which 5 tequilas would you choose, as contenders?

Minh T Truong
Minh T Truong

you are right....this brings back memories of failing spanish :)....we'll make the correction.

Francesco Orodinapoli
Francesco Orodinapoli

Here are some ideas.

I'd probably also confer with the guys at Anvil and Tqla to see what they think would be good ones.

Herradura ReposadoCasa Dragones JovenAvión ReposadoCorralejo ReposadoChinaco ReposadoCien AnosPatronThe privately bottled tequila from Pico's Mex-MexTres Generaciones7 Leguas

John Kiely
John Kiely

According to my research, you certainly do know your tequila. As Bobby Heugel has noted here on EOW, he likes Siembra Azul Blanco, from the Feliciano Vivanco distillery, who--go figure--are now making Pura Vida.

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