Take My Breath Away: The Supremo Burrito at Berryhill Baja Grill

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Joanna O'Leary
Chicken Supremo Burrito.
Berryhill Baja Grill is not my go-to burrito joint. When I got takeout there earlier last week, I was more interested in their fish tacos, which had gotten rave reviews from some of my friends as well as one random person I overheard in the cereal aisle at Randall's.

In addition to being chronically indecisive when it comes to ordering, I am also horrible at gauging how much food will be sufficient to fill my stomach(s). (Some have theorized I actually have more than one.) I usually request extra servings or multiple dishes, so when two fish tacos didn't seem like enough food, I tacked on a Chicken Supremo Burrito.

And, here, my friends, is where my trouble began....

I opened the first takeout box to find two appealing, plump fish tacos. "Yum, yum," I thought. Then I opened the second takeout box to find a gargantuan burrito drenched in sauce. "Oh God," I said out loud. Obviously, I should have taken a hint from the descriptor "Supremo," but what really does that mean anyway?

I reminded myself that the burritos at Mission Burrito were almost as big, and I regularly devour those plus chips and guacamole without blinking an eye.

After warming up by consuming one very delicious fish taco, I switched to the burrito. A massive white flour tortilla (seemingly thicker than your standard version) encased at least three cupfuls of large chicken fajita meat pieces, dark lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and red cabbage. The taste might have been a bit plain if the burrito wasn't bathing in a dense sea of spicy garlic chipotle cream sauce, which increased the overall richness and the flavor.

About halfway through the burrito, two thoughts simultaneously collided in my head: "I love this burrito so much," and "I will die if I eat this whole burrito." I put down my fork and conceded defeat.

Berryhill Baja Supremo Burrito: You have won this time, but next time I may conquer thee...

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Berryhill's Baja Grill

2639 Revere, Houston, TX

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wow... I'll have to assume you're somewhat new to Houston if you're just now hearing rave reviews for Berryhill's fish tacos (fried!). Debatable as to whether or not they're still the gold standard in town, but definitely set the trend long, long ago. And must disagree; the burritos at Berryhhill are probably among the worst of Houston's fast-serve TexMex/burrito joints. Quantity over quality, in B-hill's case. No wonder they drown them in such putrid sauce. When at B-hill, stick to the classics, baby.

Bruce R
Bruce R

I find it interesting when people like blowhole post such negative comments but leave out detail.  The burrito does not appear to drowning is sauce, and "putrid" implies some sort of rottenness.  I've tried many things at Berryhill's, and liked some things better than others, but never encountered anything putrid.  I'd be surprised if blowhole has actually eaten the sauce he (it's gotta be a he) called putrid.

Anyway, at Berryhill I like the Huevos Hogados and the poached eggs with the cream sauce (I forget the name of the dish).


Relax. It's clear the first half of my posting was not negative. And I have eaten the sauce, but would advocate ordering it on the side. Perhaps a personal preference, (although many others would agree). So there's one "detail" for you. And for some more "positive" spin, would recommend the majority of tacos and tamales at B-hill, as well as the taquitos, among other items. But I stand firm on my assessment of their burritos. Perhaps the weakest link on an otherwise solid menu. And it's probably safe to say that the burritos may vary a bit, per location. Of this, I'm not certain.

So please...leave me alone...go back to constructing your memorial altar at the site of the former King Biscuit.

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