Robb Walsh's Top 10 Ice Cream Experiences in Houston

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With the weather heating up, we thought we'd revive Robb Walsh's favorite ice cream experiences, which he first shared in August 2009, in conjunction with his feature story on Houston ice cream parlors, "The Scoop."

Photos by Paul S. Howell
10. CreamWorx
8817 Hwy. 6, Missouri City

CreamWorx is an independent frozen-­custard maker down on Highway 6 south of Sugar Land. The custard can be flavored with a complicated syrup injector system, but the final product comes out too soft. Forget the "flavorizing" machine and get a large waffle cone of the rich chocolate custard with a topping of crushed pecans.

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9. Connie's Frozen Custard
12545 Jones Rd.

Connie comes from Missouri, where frozen custard is an old tradition. She got her favorite hometown frozen-custard stand back in Missouri to share the recipe and opened a frozen-custard stand near her home in northwest Houston. Connie makes a new batch of custard every hour, so it's always fresh. Get a cone of plain vanilla, and you'll see what the frozen custard thing is all about.

8. Trentino Gelato

Available at various Houston locations, including Cricket's Creamery, Coffee Groundz and area farmers' markets. Buenos Aires native Marcelo Kreindel founded Trentino Gelato to re-create the Argentine style of gelato that he missed from back home. The artisan gelato maker, who started out in local restaurant kitchens, now has a small plant in downtown Houston. Try Trentino Gelato's dulce de leche. It was Evita Perón's favorite flavor of Argentine gelato, and now it's mine too.

7. Nundini Italian Deli
500 N. Shepherd Dr.

Nundini makes most of the gelati you eat in Houston Italian restaurants. There are lots of exotic flavors, like prickly pear and spumoni, that you may want to try, but you can't go wrong with a cone topped with one scoop of Italian chocolate and one scoop of pistachio.

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Amy's Ice Creams

3816 Farnham, Houston, TX

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Sarah Rufca
Sarah Rufca

I LOVE la paletera. the banana paleta is the bomb diggity, and I don't just go around saying that like it's 1995.

Mark W.
Mark W.

I'm disappointed that there's a lack of Chinatown establishments such as Gelato Cup or even Ritter's.


I ADORE the saffron/pistachio ice cream at Indika.   

y knot
y knot

Go Hanks!!!!!!!!!!


is it Rufka or Rufca? I've seen it both ways....?


Ritter's is good. Chinatown is very good at what the Chinese do: copy. There is nothing there to get excited about, sorry.Gelato, poor copy. Ice cream, ordered from elsewhere.

I once had a client in Chinatown with an Indonesian restaurant. His family back home were ice-cream moguls, versus the oil riches I expected. Said the ice cream was goatish and would never translate into popularity here. I now doubt his analysis.

Mark W.
Mark W.

Except Gelato Cup has Asian based flavors such as black sesame, lychee, green tea, and durian flavors, which you don't really find at Western gelato shops. How is that copying?

Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

I just wanted to throw into the ring that the black sesame gelato at Gelato Cup is uh-mazing. Hell, even the durian flavor is the highest and best use of that demon fruit.

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