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Casa Grande serves a delicious version of cabrito, or young goat. Though listed on the menu, it's not a regular item and is market-priced. Typically, a hand-lettered sign reading "Hay Cabrito" or "Cabrito Special" lets you know it's available.

My recent order took about 20 minutes, but was absolutely worth the wait. Served on an iron comal, the cabrito, vegetables and lime rested on a bed of corn tortillas. The tortillas soaked in the juices and made a nice, slightly crispy taco.

My companion and I each had a butterflied breast of cabrito that was fall-off-the-bone tender. A first bite of goat, with a bit of onion and tomato, and I was in heaven -- tender, meaty, mouth-watering heaven. I made tacos with a smear of refried beans, a spoon of rice, some goat, a few vegetables and guacamole.

After I finished my cabrito, my productive plans for Saturday gave way to a nap -- perhaps next time, I'll bring some home.

While the market price of $20.95 was not in the breakfast budget, the meal was a treat and worth the price. Plus, the portion is substantial enough to split.

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Casa Grande Mexican Restaurant

3401 N. Main St., Houston, TX

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Fatty FatBastard
Fatty FatBastard

Yeah, that sounds awful.  Especially for $20 bucks.  Big fail on your end.


Cabrito isn't young goat, it's baby goat - 1 - 2 month old.  That is why it is so tender 


Yes, 1-3 months.  When not properly cooked, a kid that young can still be tough or gamey.

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