Boiling at Big Star: What Goes Better With Beer Than Crawfish?

Bargas rolling out the crawfish at a recent boil.
If EOW blogger and Louisiana native Jason Bargas's posts on how to put together the perfect crawfish boil have made your mouth water and your jaw ache just thinking of those spicy little bugs, we've got a treat for you.

Bargas is co-hosting a crawfish boil along with friend Brad Moore, owner of Big Star and Grand Prize Bar, at Moore's Big Star on May 21.

As a longtime benefactor of Bargas's crawfish-boiling expertise, I can tell you that the man knows his mudbugs. From the first boil I attended years ago where I watched Bargas load pots with artichokes and purge crawfish in the driving heat, I've always been impressed with the end result of each boil.

You can come and try his crawfish for yourself this coming Saturday, where the bugs will be sold for $5 a pound with a two-pound minimum.

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Big Star Bar

1005 W. 19th, Houston, TX

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Sounds delicious! Put my name in the pot for several lbs. Make sure you have some of 'yo Mama's secret dipping sauce' on hand, Jason, to bathe the little critters in before they go down the hatch. Love it, you should bottle that sauce! Looking forward to another Saturday of good eats and fun. Thanks for doing the boiling, Jason! You know some stuff when it comes to Boiling Crawfish, YES, you do!

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