The Pappadeaux Platter at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

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The Pappadeaux Platter at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is overpriced, unsophisticated, and likely to cause water retention.

But it's also really addictive. Strangely, I found myself wanting another one even when I woke up feeling bloated and gross the next morning.

The Platter features fried shrimp, fried catfish (sensing a trend?), fried stuffed shrimp, and stuffed crab, all served over French fries. I asked to modify my Platter with the addition of a soft-shell crab (also fried) and the substitution of a baked potato for fries - my lame attempt to make the dish slightly less fry-tastic. Didn't matter, as they gave me fries anyway.

Though it all tasted similar because it was all prepared the same way, seasoned and battered, the seafood was nevertheless juicy and tasted fresh. A few squeezes of lemon and some dips into the spicy cocktail and tartar sauces livened up the flavor, particularly of the sizeable soft-shell crab. Even heartier were the stuffed shrimp and crab, both swollen with a rich celery and sage dressing.

The Platter makes for a satisfying, albeit very salty, meal. And when you add a whole butter-soaked baked potato, well, get ready to sink into a sodium coma - and to emerge from it, strangely, wanting more fried fish.

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Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

2410 Richmond, Houston, TX

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Me and the wife have ordered the big Pappadeaux platter for over 10 years religously.  We substitute dirty rice for fries, blackened catfish for fried catfish, and we split it (they bring it out on two plates for us).  In the late 90s it was a great deal at $21.

The Pappadeaux platter has SERIOUSLY DECLINED in the couple of years.  First the price started to slowly creep up, then was the disapearance of the fried oysters after the BP oil spill in the gulf, followed by the changing of catfish to talipia.  The most recent change was the refusal to bring it to the table split on two plates.  You truly get less for more money with the pappadeaux platter now.  VERY ANNOYING.  I enjoyed Pappadeaux because it felt like I was in an "upscale" restaurant getting a bargain, but that is no longer the case.  The end of an era...


This seems consistent with my last trip to Pappadeux. I had the fried oyster platter. I was served a humungous salad, bread even though I declined when asked if I wanted any, very good fried oysters atop a small mountain of fries, and regular refills of my water and fountain drink.

It was too much food and fairly expensive, but I have trouble faulting them when it seems like they are delivering very well on what their customers want. Besides, I have to admit to being a hypocrite: I picked up a gyro to go from Yia Yia Mary's last night and, when I got home, was a bit miffed that for what they charged me, it seemed like there weren't very many fries and the gyro was a bit skimpy on the veggies. Clearly, it's in their interest to give folks too many fries and then noone will mind the higher prices.

J. Britt Alexander
J. Britt Alexander

... typical seafood platter. I like to substitute friend oysters for the catfish (catfish tastes like dirt) -

but the real star of Pappadeaux is the Blackened Oyster and Shrimp Fondue . MAN!


That fondue is evil, evil, evil. Sopping up melted cheese and seafood with butter-soaked garlic bread. And I get it every time I wind up at Pappadeaux.

That reminds me that I have a gift card I need to use soon. Hmmm....

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