Odd Pair: Cinnamon Buns & Pinot Noir

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I have a love/ hate relationship with cinnamon buns. I would never consume the prepackaged kinds you get wrapped in cheap plastic at a grocery store, and I'm not even really that big of a cinnamon person in general, but there are moments when I wake up craving a hot cinnamon bun. I barely have had time to do any cooking lately, so I was excited to discover that master baker Chad Fry was serving up some hot buns over at Canopy.

I took one home, and as I warmed it in the oven so that the soft aromas would permeate my kitchen, I popped open a bottle of 2008 Argyle Reserve Pinot Noir. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to do a progressive tasting of Argyle's Oregon-based Pinot Noirs from 2000-2008, and the experience was one of the best I have had (memories of many more have been lost due to their proximity with said wine, but that's a given). I have been a huge fan of Argyle ever since.

This particular bottle has lusciously fruity notes of apple, raspberry and cherry, which I self-indulgently likened to having a fruit salad with my cinnamon bun. The earthiness was a charming complement to the sweet cinnamon, and the dryness of the wine paired nicely with the delicate pastry. Wine and pastry - who could ask for more?

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Jay Francis
Jay Francis

The best cinnamon bun that I have had in Houston (a perfect blend of the butter, eggs, dough) is at the StrEats food truck that camps out at Inversion Coffee on Saturday. Instead of that gummy mess, that joke of everything that a cinnamon bun should be (I'm talking to you, miserable Cinnabon) this one is soft, perfectly baked throughout, with a creamy topping that is just excellent.

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