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Katharine Shilcutt took in a 'stros game and found herself at the FiveSeven Grille. And while she was frustrated by the $16 sliders, commenter Albert Nurick was downright outraged:

$16 for three sliders? They're $5.78 at Little Bigs. Uncle Drayton, why do you insist on screwing over your fans?

I mean, seriously, these people come to the ballpark no matter how horrible the team is that you put on the field, and then you take advantage of them like this? Oh wait, the stands are empty - maybe the combination of a lousy team and bad, overpriced food isn't a very good entertainment value?

Yes, that's what Astros fans needed - one more reason to be frustrated...

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$5.78 is too much. The one stop I made to Little Big's was a waste of time and money. So mediocre.

burger man
burger man

You should try the sliders at Little Bitty Burger Barn, $4.75 and you can add a side of the best fries in houston for a buck.

Dennis H.
Dennis H.

Was really looking forward to having Little Bigs burgers and their best-in-the-city fries. Think I'll pass at their MMP location.

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