Chef Chat, Part 3: Dwight Stewart of The Men's Club

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I was standing poolside at The Men's Club talking to a cocktail waitress I used to date while the chef I was interviewing (see the rest of our conversation here and here) was inside checking on some VIPs. I asked her what Chef Dwight Stewart is really like, and she just said, "Oh he is really super cool guy, he is so nice." What, no coke problem? No crazy temper or insane debauchery with dancers and whiskey? Nope, turns out he is just a working chef that does his job, and does it well. Chef Dwight returned and we wrapped up our conversation.

EOW: What would your last meal on earth be?

CDS: It would have to be some Jamaican food, oxtails, chicken curry, you know, that stuff with the bones still in it.

EOW: Are you from Houston?

CDS: Its kinda strange, I was born in New York, lived in Jersey then moved to Baytown and now Houston. I live just up the road from the club.

EOW: Is your job stressful?

CDS: No, it's pretty calm. We used to be a lot busier, but since the economy crashed there are not as many big ballers.

EOW: I don't know how you do it. I would lose control in this environment!

CDS: I just like to drink, especially Patron.

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The Men's Club of Houston

3303 Sage, Houston, TX

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Not for nothing, but in three installments we were treated to the fact that you dated an MC cocktail waitress twice....and not much else. Chef Stewart may be an interesting guy, but I think if you'd read over all of your notes from the interview, you'd see there's absolutley nothing here. Next time either ask more questions, or forget you were there and scrap the article.


Kerr clearly took some poetic license with the "cocktail waitress I used to date" stuff. he's dropped it in tow of the three entries, mind you. Big bills and iced grills he has not!


"part 3?" wow. you really spent a lot of time at the Men's Club. The food must be great.


Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

....except that we always do these as three-part Chef's Chats each week. :)

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