Bangkok Soft-Shell Crabs at Nidda Thai Cuisine

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Geri Maria Harris's recent post on Houston's Top 5 Thai Restaurants definitely included one of my favorites: Nidda. Geri named stir-fried eggplant and the Nidda Shrimp as standout dishes; to that list I would add the Bangkok Soft-Shell Crabs.

I'm always seeking out my favorite crustacean in all its full-body glory in Houston. Unlike some Thai restaurants that deceptively advertise soft-shell crab entrees then only serve the spindly legs, Nidda Thai gives you two full crabs per order. They're not the biggest specimens of the species, but you get the satisfaction of consuming the whole crustacean rather than just random members. Breaded rather than battered, the crabs are deep-fried and covered in a wonderful yellow chili curry filled with large chunks of pineapple, onions and peppers.

Delicate, light, gentle: These are not the words to describe Bangkok Soft-Shell Crabs. If you're looking to induce a lovely Thai food coma, look no further than this dish.

The Bangkok Soft-Shell Crabs aren't cheap ($17), but the rich sauce and the large side of rice (I suggest substituting brown for white to ensure satiation) means it could easily be split. Unless, of course, you're a soft-shell fiend like me...

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Nidda Thai Cuisine

1226 Westheimer, Houston, TX

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I know where I'm going for dinner tonight!


If you're really into Thai, here's a suggestion: try V's Thai.And go around 5-6 pm when V is whipping up special dishes and serving it at no cost to the bar patrons.


She was serving an ahi tartare that was amazing a couple weeks ago, flecked with Thai red pepper and ginger. Then there was a fried rice dish I thought was made with pork cracklins, but turned out to be flash-fried rice balls.Fredlynnutz is right: this is one of the best Thai places and this is the best way to enjoy it.

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