Steak and a BJ Day: The Male Valentine's Day

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Although one of America's newest holidays does not yet have its own Wikipedia page, it does have two separate Web sites as well as an entry on Urban Dictionary.

And that's good enough for us.

For the uninitiated, Steak and a BJ Day is the "creation" of Tom Birdsey, a radio talk show host out of Boston. (Of course.) Created in 2002, it was meant as the antithesis of Valentine's Day (which Birdsey believed was a holiday solely designed for women), in which men are gifted with those most masculine of gifts: a steak and a blowjob.

Of course, this holiday doesn't just apply to straight men. Gay men everywhere can also celebrate Steak and a BJ Day. It's an equal opportunity holiday.

And although we're unwilling to help you with the latter part of the equation (there are entire other swaths of the Internet devoted to that), Eating Our Words is always willing to suggest a good steak. Here are our top choices for celebrating Steak and a BJ Day with your loved one.

Dining Room Strip.jpg
Photo courtesy of the Strip House
The Strip House

As its name would playfully indicate, the Strip House has a touch of adult swagger to it. Sarah Rufca once called it "bordello-red" and our editor, Margaret Downing, was amused to find that it walls are coated with nude photographs and its damask napkins are actually decorated with female figures that look like "silhouettes on truckers' mud flaps."

Vic & Anthony's

Another downtown steakhouse, this one the most recent recipient of our Best Steakhouse award in the 2010 Best of Houston® issue. You won't find a better steak in town, and the lovely atmosphere in the dimly lit bar makes for a very sultry evening.


It's hard not to feel like a high-roller at Sullivan's, where the attitude is one of Prohibition-era bootleggers living high on the hog. The delicious horseradish mashed potatoes will put a zing in your night, too.

Del Frisco's Double Eagle

If the enormous steaks at this Galleria-area favorite don't do the trick, the oysters on the half-shell might. To quote Robb Walsh, "With my fat oysters and my insanely marbled steak, I felt like Diamond Jim Brady, who frequently ordered a similar meal at Delmonico's in New York."

Photo by Gary R. Wise
Steak tartare at Samba Grille
Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Although -- to quote our 2008 Best of Houston® issue -- "there's no point in going here on the cheap," you'll be rewarded for your splurge here with one of the best USDA Prime, dry-aged steaks in town (and there's even a cigar lounge to round off your meal with a pre-BJ treat).

Samba Grille

This super-sexy downtown steakhouse has a Brazilian flair to it that's difficult to resist (the same can be said for the insanely addictive pan de queso). If the keep-it-coming rodizio-style service doesn't suit you for some reason, you can also indulge in a 14-ounce 40-day, dry-aged New York strip.

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Mo's A Place For Steaks (located at 1801 Post Oak) in the galleria area is having a special March 14th, 2015 for Steak and BJ day... come join us guys! ;)  Tomahawk steaks, onion rings, baked potatoes, and whisky flights!


Though you might not guess it, Da Marco has an amazing, large steak. I think it's for two. And after splurging there, who doesn't deserve at least a bj?

Christina Uticone
Christina Uticone

I forgot there was a Sullivan's here. I went to the one in Anchorage a few years ago & it was fab. Good heads up.


I'm waiting for SJL day!


so when is PB&J day?


pappas is so expensive you should get a bj and a reacharound..... : )


I can't wait for this to REALLY take hold and for Hallmark to produce S&BJ Day cards!!!


Terrible holiday, death to S&BJ Day, etc.

That said, I had the Gaucho steak at Samba last night and it was *phenomenal*. Nathan Ketcham has found an awesome source.

Fatty FatBastard
Fatty FatBastard

If you are in a relationship that requires a holiday for these two things, you're dating the wrong person.

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