Crawfish Season Is Here, Contrary to What Some People Think

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Git sum!
Although the word on the web (our web) is that crawfish season has not officially started, I'm calling bullshit. Unlike hunting season or football season, there is no hard start date to crawfish season. The trickling beginning of crawfish season typically starts around the
same time as Mardi Gras season and gets rolling full swing by the end of February if the temperature is warm enough.

So, the good news is: Crawfish season is rolling right now. The bad news is: The crop is still relatively light, which means that prices will continue to fluctuate based on supply and fuel costs. Thanks a lot, Gaddafi.

Here are a few spots where you can buy Louisiana-produced crawfish now:

Photo by Groovehouse
You'll need to order in bulk to fill a cooler with crawdads.
Cajun Gourmet

Ed and Diane from CG have been my dealers in Houston for the better part of 10 years. And, yes, I do mean dealers. Cajun Gourmet does not have a store front since they cater to restaurants and deliver straight to restaurants, which means you'll be buying the sacks straight out of the trunk truck. Fret not. CG is straight up legit and will provide receipts. Plus, they will deliver directly to your place once you break the 300 pound threshold. They also carry spice mixes if you don't want to roll your own. You'll need to order by Wednesday if you're planning a Saturday boil.

Louisiana Foods
4410 W. 12 Street

Louisiana Foods continues to be one of the best kept secrets in coonass culinary secrets in Houston. The store front is a market that also sells Louisiana staples (think etoufee, boudin, gumbo, etc.) for carry-out consumption. Louisiana Foods also stocks a wide range of spices for your boiling pleasure. Call in the morning to get the daily per-pound rate and reserve your stash ahead of time.

2300 N Shepherd

Fiesta is my choice for grocery store supplier of crawfish because I have been able to get a sack of consistently sized crawfish in a pinch if I missed the Cajun Gourmet deadline or if I ran short. The Heights grande location tends to have mudbugs when the others don't, so put them at the top of your speed dial.

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