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Lauren Marmaduke reported this morning on the eastward move of California's famous In-N-Out Burger chain, where it's expected to open at least half a dozen of its burgers stands in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Houstonians weren't bothered by this "snub," to say the least.

Take commenter Wuwu's response to the announcement, for example:

In Out does not offer jalepenos and Whataburger does....need a Texan say more?

No, Wuwu. They need not. And until In-N-Out Burger also offers chorizo breakfast tacos too, we're not losing any sleep over their relocation. Dallas can have their California burgers.

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California Native
California Native

Actually, In-N-Out does have jalapenos (along with many items not listed on the "official" menu) -- you just have to know what to order...*cough* animal style fries *cough*


Ugh, why do we need another fast food joint to make crappy tacos? I don't give two shakes about In N Out coming to Dallas, but please, don't suggest that serving a half-ass taco might make the over-hyped burger joint worth all the fuss. The only Dallas-ites that are excited about In N Out are Californian transplants, and you can have them and their burgers if you really want them.


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