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Today Katharine Shilcutt counted down her top 10 places to eat crawfish, and commenter Matt wrote in about the proper way to do things:

I believe Calliope's also seasons the water (that's what the owner told me, I look forward to trying them). I'm from New Orleans and will never understand why Houstonians put up with non-seasoned water in their crawfish boils, spice in the boil is the only way to give tail meat flavor. And forget about sucking the head of any crawfish boiled in plain water (shiver).

You hear that, crawfish joints? Season your water! And have a nice weekend!

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Uh, most people add TOO MUCH seasoning. Most crawfish in these precincts are too salty for consumption. Texans love their salt, apparently.


Can we get a name of a legit crawfish joint that doesn't season their water? I'm not even sure this is an actual problem, but would love to be enlightened.

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