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Photos by Troy Fields
...well, you know the rest.

At Macondo Latin Bistro -- the subject of this week's cafe review -- I was just as charmed by the fine little dining room as I was the food. I found myself lingering there far longer than was necessary and eagerly planning return visits for breakfast, my favorite time at the restaurant, especially on the weekends.

There's something about the tall ceilings, the decorative shutters on those high windows above the doors, the rich wooden bar and floors and the kaleidoscopic paint on the walls that called to mind Cuba or perhaps some of the smaller islands in the West Indies. It's enchanting.

But sometimes words alone aren't enough. Take a quick trip through Macondo for yourself in this week's slideshow, then take a trip to the restaurant itself while the weather is nice and you can enjoy a glass of maracuya on the patio.

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The clientele doesn't bode well for authenticity. Too bad.


Dan could you clarify, was that a racist comment, or something else entirely?

Anyway, sad to see them revert back approximately to Don Diego hours, which isn't worth much to me personally.

Katharine Shilcutt
Katharine Shilcutt

Wait, you're somehow able to discern from those two photos above how "Colombian" or "Cuban" or "Mexican" the patrons are? This is a fascinating superpower you have. How did you develop it?! Was it a radioactive spider bite?

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