What a Crock: Poached Salmon

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I've never once considered cooking any type of fish in a crock pot. But I am constantly in search of new and different recipes for this weekly piece, and somehow I stumbled on a poached salmon concoction. How would salmon fare inside the friendly confines of a slow cooker? Let's see!

The rundown
Not every crock pot recipe needs to cook for 8 hours on Low or 4 hours on High. Case in point--poached salmon. All it needs is 2 hours on Low.

The taste
The overall taste won't blow you away, but make no mistake: This is an excellent recipe to have in the repertoire. It makes for a delicious salmon salad. The white wine kept the fish very moist, and the lemon, bayleaf, salt, and pepper provided all the seasoning you'll need.

The ease
What's so great is that you can actually make this poached salmon after you get home in the evening. Just pop it in the pot, do some things around the house, and have a late dinner. Quick steps like giving the raw salmon a good rinse, laying it in the pot, and adding the simple ingredients on top, is all it really takes. Once the fish is cooked, let cool, and make a nice salad with it. Or even make it the night before so you don't have to fuss with dinner the next night. Please note that I found the fish only needed to cook for two hours rather than the suggested three. I'd recommend checking on your fish for flaking. Every crock pot cooks a little differently, and I'd hate for you to overcook the meat.

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That looks heavenly! Who would have thought you could do that in a crock pot? Poached fishes are one of my favorite ways to prepare fish as it keeps it so moist and maintains the delicate flavor and texture.

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