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If this photo from our sister paper in San Francisco is any indication, some women will manage to find a way to make Snuggies look slutty.
It'll still be brisk this coming Saturday, making the fact that hundreds of people will be dressed in Snuggies along Washington Avenue at least a little less bizarre. The 1st annual Snuggie Pub Crawl is getting its start at Pearl Bar at 2 p.m. and will hit four other bars along the way, all within easy walking distance of each other. The participating bars will be offering happy hour prices during the crawl, which ends at 8 p.m., but you have to be wearing a Snuggie (or a Slanket, Liz Lemon) to enjoy them.

Pro-tip for those of you actually hitting Wash Ave later in the day: Watch out for day-drunk people in backwards robes shuffling aimlessly along the sidewalks. I'm sure this will end well for all parties involved.

In other news, it's almost rodeo season again. I KNOW.

This year, food-loving Texans are being forced to choose between the Foodways Texas symposium in Galveston and the World's Championship Bar-B-Que Contest -- both run from February 25 through 27. Which will you choose?

Here's the easy answer: Do you have $225 laying around? Go to the symposium. Do you have fancy friends or a corporate job that will enable you to gain access to a tent at the Bar-B-Que Contest? Go there. Have neither? Join the ranks of most everyone else in Houston. I suggest going to the Rodeo proper and gnawing your way through a turkey leg, animal-style.

Chicken-fried bacon was a hit at last year's Best Bites.
Other upcoming Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo events are slightly more accessible, meaning you can at least buy your way in. (But lest you take this as total sarcasm, remember that the money goes to scholarships, so it ain't all bad.) The annual Rodeo Uncorked! Roundup and Best Bites Competition on Sunday, February 20 is one of my favorite food events throughout the year, but tickets do start at $125.

For that ticket, though, you get to sample your way through some of Houston's finest restaurant offerings and -- in most cases -- meet your favorite chef at their restaurant's booth. This year's list of participants is vast and includes 75 restaurants from all over the greater Houston area (25 more than last year). In addition, you'll get to sample wine from and visit with dozens of winemakers from across the world throughout the afternoon.

If you can part with the jack, I'd say that's not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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Shout out to Katharine Shilcutt: As one of the hosts for the Snuggie Pub Crawl on Washington, I think it odd not to mention the most important part. THIS WAS FOR CHARITY. We had a can collection for the Houston Food Bank.(which was almost completely full...)In regards to drunks, we sent several messages advising people to utilize Washington Wave, taxi cab or call a sober friend. I myself went out and had a great time all the while being sober. We do not condone driving drunk. The fact of the matter is we wanted to bring the Snuggie Pub Crawl to Houston for a good cause...not just an excuse to day drink. Referencing slutty girls from San Francisco makes it even worse. Us Houstonians had more class than that. Maybe next time you should attend (like Fox 26 or Yelp) and not just comment from your house. Thanks to all the people who attended this Snuggie Pub Crawl, The Houston Food Bank will definitely appreciate your contributions.


It for a good cause!

Brittanie Shey
Brittanie Shey

Why am I not watching 30 Rock? That clip was hilarious.


A Snuggie bar crawl on Washington Ave huh. I am so happy that this paper tells me so often where and when to avoid places. I need no gimmicks to get tanked on a Saturday afternoon, and think it's a shame when people do. Just have the balls for shameless daytime drinking, and leave the woobie at home. Wait, scratch that leave the daytime drinking to the professionals else you might get hurt or worse yet really enjoy it.


Or come with us and do the Saint Arnold pub crawl in the Heights on Saturday afternoon.

There will be no hipsters in Snuggies. Guaranteed.

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