Stocking Up for the Snowpocalypse

2011-02-03 14.51.jpg
Long lines at Whole Foods on Kirby this afternoon.
"People are panic buying!" read a half-joking email from a friend of mine at Whole Foods this afternoon. "The lines were long earlier," it continued. "It comes in waves."

With the threat of a snow day tomorrow that's already cancelled classes from HISD to Houston Community College, it's no surprise that people are stocking up at their local grocery stores, unwilling or uninterested in leaving their homes tomorrow for anything -- even food.

Houston Chronicle blogger Steph Stradley posted a photo of the utter lack of shopping carts at her local Kroger with the accompanying Tweet: "Panic in the Kroger. Voss location packed. Every cashier open. Lines. I bet Specs more crowded #houwx #SNOWWWW"

Calling that Kroger proved fruitless, as did calls to a few other locations, as the phones simply rang off the hook. It's all-hands-on-deck, it appears.

A phone call to the Randall's at Town & Country Village proved even more fruitless, as a rather rude and harried-sounding manager simply replied, "You'll have to call our corporate office about that," before hanging up.

Luckily, not every grocery store in town is thick with shoppers at the moment.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," said the friendly manager of the downtown Spec's on Smith Street. "Just a cold day." He hadn't witnessed long lines or runs on booze, although he expected business to pick up as people leave work, just as it always does at 5 p.m.

Despite the weather, he added, "We will be open tomorrow!"

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Jack Reynolds
Jack Reynolds

Chinese-cut spare ribs, country style spare ribs, various Kountry Boys brand sausages, baby back ribs, big meaty pork neck bones, and two handles of hard liquor. I'll be roasting, braising, and glazing all weekend with a nice buzz.


I made a quick trip for food and booze at the HEB and Costco off Bunker Hill around noon and it was pretty sedate - no signs of snowmageddon/snowpocalypse/what-have-you. It was actually more calm and less crowded than you might expect on any given weekend. There's no saying if that has remained the case in the hours since.


I was at that same HEB this morning around 10 and it was bedlam. Guess they get out early in this area, LOL!!

Caroline Trum
Caroline Trum

I got my shopping done early, $40 for groceries at HEB, $80 for booze at Spec's. The proper food-to-alcohol ratio for a snow day.

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