Odd Pair: Fried Chicken, Buttermilk Waffles, and Pinot Blanc

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Yes, I admit that this is more of an "odd trio" than "odd pair," but technically speaking, chicken and waffles is a singular dish and therefore qualifies in my opinion.

The easy pairing would be a dry bubbly Mimosa, which would work well with the fried chicken and waffles, but likely clash with the sticky sweet maple syrup. Therefore, I would be more likely to go with a dry, acidic white with a lot of earthiness and maybe even a little funk to it.

The 2006 Josmeyer Pinot Blanc 'Mise du Printemps' Alsace ($19) fits this order perfectly. A highly acidic wine that cuts through the greasiness of the crispy golden chicken pieces, as well as the richness of the pillowy buttermilk waffles, it can even stand its own against a sprinkling of salt, a grinding of pepper, and a drizzle of gooey maple syrup.

I recently hosted an impromptu brunch of crunchy fried chicken, buttery waffles, and flowing glasses of Pinot Blanc, and I have never more popular amongst my friends.

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Eric Henao
Eric Henao

? - Did you make the fried chicken and waffles yourself? Or get them from somewhere?

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