Chocoholics Unite: Chocolate Festival at Central Market

Right in time for V-Day, Central Market is hosting its annual Chocolate Festival. The aisles are filled with chocolate products of all varieties. One of my favorite local chocolatiers, Araya Artisan Chocolates, recently began selling their products at Central Market, making it even easier to get your hands on a unique box of their beautiful mixed chocolates, or a big bacon and chocolate candy bar.

For those who take a more traditional approach to chocolates, there's an assortment of dark and milk bars to choose from, including a creamy offering of milk chocolate from Puerto Cabello on one end of the spectrum, and a bitter, dark creation from Ecuadorian chocolate-maker Hoja Verde on the other.

I got an Hoja Verde dark chocolate bar, broke it up into pancake batter, cooked it in olive oil, and topped it with honey and sea salt (Valentine's Day breakfast in bed, perhaps?). I also tried the Vosges Black Salt Caramel Bar, a truly decadent indulgence that provided me with dessert for a week.

In the baking department, try the decadent brownie mixes from New York's famous Fat Witch Bakery. My young cousins and I baked up a batch up these over the weekend, intending to give them out as gifts. But we ended up finishing them straight from the pan. It was almost shameful how much we loved these.

With a huge selection of chocolaty offerings, many encased in beautiful wrappings, this is definitely an excellent place to get your chocolate fix in time for Valentine's Day.

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Central Market

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Any tips on good, sugar free chocolate? Does such a thing exist? I know someone with Type I diabetes and would love a recommendation.


If you're still looking for a diabetic-friendly chocolate, check out Xocai Healthy Chocolate.  I'll be in Houston this weekend on actual chocolate business, so feel free to contact me if you'd like some samples.

Ed T.
Ed T.

I have found that the real dark/dark chocolate (like 90%+ cocoa) works pretty good (I am not Type 1, but am diabetic.) Just have to eat it in moderation, and bolus as needed.

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