Chefs Taste Test Edible "Marital Aids" for Valentine's Day

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We were terrified of the ball gag, too.
A chef, a pastry chef and a food critic walk into Erotic Cabaret.

It's not the beginning of a joke; it's how I spent my Saturday afternoon. I took chef Jonathan Jones of Beaver's and pastry chef Jody Stevens of Jodycakes to the "marital aid" store this past weekend in order to taste-test some of the finer edible adult products for those of you shopping for naughty Valentine's Day gifts.

Their qualifications, other than being highly successful in their fields? Stevens won an AVN award for her line of "Jodycakes After Dark" products in 2008, while Jones is perhaps best known for answering the question "What are your favorite things to eat?" with the volley, "Other than women?"

Needless to say, neither was particularly shy about choosing a "menu" of edible erotics, although both were extremely particular about the ingredients.

"Look at this one," Stevens exclaimed, holding aloft a set of body pens in chocolate and strawberry flavors. "These are real ingredients. No chemicals. These are going to taste good."

So with the assistance of a very helpful saleswoman at Erotic Cabaret -- who suggested a personal favorite of hers, a Jawbreaker ballgag -- we purchased seven of the store's most popular edible products and proceeded to taste test them. Consider it a Valentine's Day buying guide for our more "adult" readers.

Edible Valentine's Day Gifts 002crop.jpg
The items we tried on Saturday afternoon ranged in price and product:

  • Edible Undies - Strawberry ($3.99)
  • Edible Candy Bra ($7.99)
  • Lovers Body Pen Set ($7.99)
  • Amazing Edible Finger Body Paint Kit ($9.99)
  • Jawbreaker Ball Gag ($14.99)
  • Kama Sutra Love Liquid - Cinnamon ($14.99)
  • Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Set ($34.99)

Our favorites are listed below, from least to most. And, yes, it's all safe for work.

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Bruce R
Bruce R

Forget those store bought edible undies--you can make your own. All you need are some licorice whips (for the waist) and two Fruit Roll-Ups (for coverage). If you want to be more risque than that you can fashion the undies using only licorice whips.



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