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Dot Coffee Shop is so authentic-looking I half expected to see Ringo attempting to rob Jules Winnfield and Vincent Vega when I walked in the door. Now, I say authentic-looking, because soon after arriving I was tipped off by a dining companion that it is actually owned by the Marsellus Wallace-like Pappas Restaurants empire. Does that mean they don't serve quality, no-frills grub, though?

We went in around 10 a.m. on a recent morning, and there was a wait about eight people long. It only took a few minutes until we were led to our clean booth by a lady named Flo (not sure if that was her actual name or not, but it should have been). I ordered a combo with two eggs, an array of meat, 16 pounds of hashbrowns and pecan-loaded pancakes. My honey bunny selected the chicken-fried steak and eggs, which also came with 16 pounds of hashbrowns.

The CFS wasn't the pounded-out, size-of-a-platter kind that we expected, though. It was more like a cook grabbed an entire NY strip, dipped it in batter and tossed it in the fryer. That steak was tender, juicy and delicious. The cream gravy that accompanied it was peppery and flavorful and didn't suffer from the bland, glob-of-glue feeling that some gravy is cursed with.

I honestly can't come up with complaint one about any of the food; it was delicious. The server was friendly and attentive as well. My only complaint, and maybe this is a product of the restaurant being Pappas-owned, is that both of our breakfast selections hovered around the $10 mark. That seemed a few dollars steep to me.

Dot is open 24 hours and even has a full lunch and dinner menu featuring items like meatloaf, mashed taters and chicken sandwiches. If you ask nicely you might even be able to secure a Royale with cheese.

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I love Dot! I used to work nearby for several years... really miss it!

Haynus Jacquad
Haynus Jacquad

Brilliant revelation, Mr. Lennie. Note: David Lynch used to go to a Bob's Big Boy every day, said he could go to the weirdest places possible in his mind (which, obviously, he did) then make a soft landing in the comfort of the diner.


Frequented Dot quite a bit when I lived in Idylwood. Miss both places.

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