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Doing some research for this week's cafe review of George's Pastaria (1722 S. Dairy Ashford, 281-558-1717), I stumbled across a treasure trove at YouTube of all places: low-budget but incredibly awesome commercials that George Reed, his wife Rene and their employees made for the restaurant.

If I didn't already love George's, these commercials would have made me fall for the little restaurant immediately. But I do already love George's, and for exactly the kind of homey, casual, welcoming vibe that these videos demonstrate. The fact that its rigatoni campagnolo is Italian-American comfort food heaven in a bowl doesn't hurt either.

Enjoy the video above and check out interviews with George and Rene Reed below.

For more from this little Italian-American gem on the west side, check out our slideshow to see how that rigatoni campagnolo is made.

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George's Pastaria

1722 S. Dairy Ashford, Houston, TX

Category: Restaurant

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First time I went, it was still over on Richmond at Fondren before it moved to Westheimer and Voss. I went there because Mario Elie said that he ate there before every home game during the championship years. If it was good enough for the Junkyard Dog...


I love George's too...was my favorite when I lived on the West side!

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